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Body Building Reviews So, you want the most effective bodybuilding workouts to build muscle, improve strength, gain weight or lose fat?

Bodybuilding Reviews has it all – reviews of bodybuilding programs, exercises, workouts and supplements. And analytical reports like this Skinny Guy Workout Plan.

What’s An Effective Bodybuilding Workout?

There are 4 things that come together to create effective bodybuilding workouts.


Different exercises are designed for a variety of purposes. Some help you gain muscle and grow strong. Others improve your resistance and resilience. And a few exercises burn up calories to help achieve fat loss.

On this website you’ll find in-depth details (along with photos and videos) of 100+ exercises that make up effective bodybuilding workouts. You will see how they are combined into the best bodybuilding programs like Jason Ferruggia’s ‘Renegade Strength Club’, or Mike Westerdal’s ‘Critical Bench’, or Craig Ballantyne’s ‘Turbulence Training’.

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Many bodybuilders (and even some trainers) don’t realize that periods of rest and recovery in between exercises are just as important for muscle gain and fat loss.

As you browse our articles, special reports and bodybuilding reviews, you’ll get a better idea of your body’s metabolism, how muscles get bigger and stronger, and the vital role of rest and recovery. You’ll also learn how to avoid injury and muscle damage due to over-working your muscles.

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A third pillar to gain muscle is your bodybuilding diet and nutrition. It doesn’t matter how hard you exercise, or for how long you keep going. Unless your diet has the right mix of nutrients – carbs, proteins and fats, minerals, vitamins and trace elements – you won’t gain weight or strength.

On this site, along with effective bodybuilding workouts, you’ll find complete, ready-to-go bodybuilding diet plans as well as delicious, mouth-watering healthy recipes to make your workouts effective – and fun.

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Even with a well planned bodybuilding diet, many people need extra bodybuilding supplements in the form of protein powders, pre-workouts, fat burners and workout stacks.

High quality supplements enhance your muscle gain and contribute to effective bodybuilding workouts. But the wrong kind of muscle building supplements can be harmful. To steer you away from the less savory and more expensive ones, we’ve chosen to review a carefully handpicked set of only the best bodybuilding supplements.

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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamins


Your Ultimate Resource On Effective Bodybuilding Workouts

Whether you’re a fan of ‘big’ Ben Pakulski and love Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, or want to get ripped fast and have six pack abs, or hope to gain muscle with natural body building, or are curious about the most effective bodybuilding workouts… you’ll find the information right here.

  • You’ll get bodybuilding workouts for muscle gain or weight loss.
  • You’ll hear of effective bodybuilding workouts for men and women.
  • You’ll have workouts that suit beginners or more advanced bodybuilders.

There’s also a ton of information about natural bodybuilding, ab workouts, resistance training, female bodybuilding, weight lifting routines, workouts for women and how to gain muscle, and in-depth analytical reports like this Skinny Guy Workout Plan.

Plus, we have reviewed the best, most effective bodybuilding workouts including:

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Effective Bodybuilding Workouts For Women

Many body building sites are designed for men alone. My partner Myntra made it clear that she wanted this to be different.

So there are sections of dedicated to women bodybuilding, with information about weight training for women as well as effective bodybuilding workout routines for women that are tailored to their needs.

New bodybuilding reviews are being added all the time. Please drop by often to check out what’s new. Here are some effective bodybuilding workout programs we’ve reviewed earlier:

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