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How To Build Muscle

A lot of folk are interested in the question on how to build muscle but very few are able to get the right answers. Here we will list basic mistakes that most beginners commit.

Combination Exercises

Many budding body builders spend hours in the gym pumping iron with no noticeable results. While they are doing dozens of biceps curls others spending much less time doing strength show much more dramatic results. List out all the exercises you are currently doing and the number of reps per exercise when working on how to build muscle.

The most effective muscle building exercises are those that work more than one muscle group like squat and push ups. Isolation exercises like bicep curls should not take up more than 40 percent of your exercise schedule.

Avoid Other Sports/Activities

You may love to play soccer in your spare time or love to play basketball during lunch hour. But these activities seriously impair muscle growth. After a strenuous muscle strengthening session body needs rest and fuel in the form of good nutrition to help grow muscles. By playing extra stress on the body when it should be resting you are taking away the calories and body rebuilding time.

Avoiding Tobacco and Alcohol

Loads of bodybuilding enthusiasts smoke and consume alcohol and wonder why their muscles are not bulking up. Any how to build muscle manual will tell you that smoking introduces carbon monoxide into your system which prevents oxygen from reaching the muscles.

Muscles need oxygen to contract when working out. When starved of oxygen they are not able to work as efficiently as they should. Alcohol cover your abs with layer of fat. They lower your testosterone inhibiting muscle growth. Avoid all smoking and drinking if you hope to build muscles.

Eat Muscle Building Foods

Do not starve when trying to build muscle. Eat right after a workout session as this is the time that the body has depleted its glycogen level and is looking for food to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. If you do not supply it with food then it will start breaking down the muscles. Eggs, chicken, turkey, milk, fish, protein shakes, avocados, bananas, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains are some of the foods that you should include in your daily diet.

Sleep Adequately

It is during sleep that repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue takes place. You need to get 8 hours of sleep to help your body to rest and muscles to grow. So, don’t neglect that beauty sleep.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary and fizzy drinks like juices and sodas fill you system with zero nutrition calories which can not help in building muscles. Your muscles needs high quality proteins and essential fats and minerals to grow. If you keep them well-fed with quality food then you will see dramatic results. Avoid empty calories that come with sodas, colas and sweetened artificial juices.

Drink Enough Water

Drink plenty of water as it forms a key constituent of muscles and every tissue of our body. A major portion of our body is made of water. So, when building muscle you need to drink plenty to keep it replenished.

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7 Secrets About How To Build Muscle

So, you’re tired of being called “that skinny guy” and being frustrated at your skin-and-bones reflection in the mirror? It’s time to learn how to build muscle naturally and effectively. Here are just 7 simple secrets to help you achieve the mass you want.

Before we begin, a word of caution. This system will help you add weight. It’s great for those who want more meat on their bones and are not seeing results even after eating a lot, thanks to their fast metabolism. If you think you’ve already tried every idea under the sun, clear your mind and learn these powerful and effective methods to build muscle.

how to build muscle

1. Train For Just An Hour Daily

Whatever you currently do for bodybuilding, keep on doing it. But limit your workout routines to an hour every day. The key to gaining weight and adding muscle is intensity rather than duration. If you focus on shorter, high intensity workouts, you’ll build muscle faster.

When you go longer than an hour, several hormonal changes kick in that will alter your metabolism in a way that makes it harder to gain muscle, because aminoacids start getting broken down to provide fuel (glucose) for your body’s energy.

2. Eat Regularly

Maybe you already think you eat too often. But that’s not what we’re talking about. To build muscle, your eating must become a regular habit. You don’t do it whenever you feel like eating. You do it on a schedule.

How quickly you metabolize food that you eat depends on your genetic make up. If you’re a fast metabolizer, you’ll burn up calories faster. With 3 high calorie meals, you will not have a sustained level of energy reserves in your body because the food will be digested and used up quickly. That’s why eating 5 meals daily at 2 to 3 hour intervals can ensure a more steady supply of nutrients around the clock. This matters when you’re looking to build muscle.

3. Take Supplements, But Don’t Depend On Them

Supplements are seductive. In our fast-paced world where everything is a rush, we love the simplicity and convenience of slipping a spoonful of supplement powder into a glass of milk, gulping it down, and considering our nutrient intake for the day complete.

But it won’t help you gain weight and add muscle if you rely on bodybuilding supplements for your entire dietary needs. Most supplements are designed to add water weight, not more muscle. Once you stop taking the supplement, you’ll lose the little weight you gained. The only supplements you should consider are protein powders. For the rest of your calorie needs, plan your bodybuilding diet and stick with it.

4. Count Your Calories

It sometimes feels as if you can’t put on weight regardless of how much you eat. That simply isn’t true. Every guide on how to build muscle advocates eating more protein and meeting your calorie needs. That’s for good reason – it works.

Keep a record of all that you eat in a week. Calculate the calorie value of this diet and compare it against your requirements. Sometimes you’ll need to replace an element in your regular diet with calorie-dense alternatives in order to meet your requirement. Whenever you’re not gaining weight and adding muscle, it’s because you are not providing your body with extra calories and protein necessary to build muscle.

5. Make Your Workouts Harder

We’ve already talked about the importance of keeping your workout sessions no longer than an hour. So how can you make them harder progressively? By increasing intensity.

There’s not much point in doing more reps at a level that you’re already comfortable. Instead, you should increase the load you’re lifting by adding on extra weights. As long as you are steadily progressing in the weight lifted in whatever bodybuilding program you follow, you’ll be able to build muscle.

6. Increase Your Rep Range

The biggest danger with any bodybuilding program or workout routine is hitting a plateau at which you become comfortable. You feel good about working out, but your muscles won’t develop beyond a point. That’s because you’re not progressively increasing the load on them.

Alter your rep range every 3 to 4 weeks to prevent this. You’ll place a new level of stress on your muscles, and they must grow to meet this added stress by becoming larger and stronger. Often, doing more reps can work better than doing an extra set or two in your workout.

7. Try Mass Gainers

Sometimes you just need a supplement. But not any old supplement, but a mass gainer. These are extremely rich in calories and can be taken as a shake. One drink could replace the calories from a substantial meal.

While mass gainers are a good option to boost your total calorie intake, you should not use them as an excuse to skip regular meals. You should have no less than 3 regular meals every day, and can take up to 3 shakes to make up any calorie and protein deficit.

There you have them. 7 secrets about how to build muscle quickly and effectively. Try them out and see the magic begin to unfold as your body bulks up and grows stronger. And to take it higher, sign up for a program like Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 by famed personal trainer Jason Ferruggia.


How To Build Muscle Through Better Nutrition

How to build muscle? The answer has eluded many bodybuilding enthusiasts who naively believe all they had to do was workout harder. Do more push ups. Lift heavier weights. Go to the gym more times every week. And in time, they’ll enjoy bulging muscles and six pack abs.

But the truth about how to build muscle is that it isn’t entirely about exercise or workouts. You also need good nutrition. In fact, without the right eating habits, it won’t matter how hard you workout – you won’t build muscle.

How To Build Muscle

Your body needs protein to develop muscle mass. And before the calories are devoted to gaining muscle, you need to burn off any extra fat. The ideal bodybuilding diet contains less fat and more carbs that serve as fuel to meet your body’s metabolic demands. Here is how to build muscle:

1. Eat Well After Workouts

After workouts, your calorie intake is what determines whether your muscle mass will increase. A protein supplement or shake one hour post-exercise is extremely beneficial to gain muscle. You are essentially providing your muscles with the building blocks they require to add new bulk. A regular meal taken shortly afterwards provides the other nutrients that you body requires for its metabolic activity.

Eating enough calories with the right mix of protein is among the most important factors that govern how to build muscle. This mix is critical, just like the kind of exercise routine you choose or the number of reps in your workout.

2. Make It A Habit

Eating a nutritious meal once in a while after you workout, but relapsing often into junk food binging won’t help you build muscle fast. You will require discipline that is sustained over time in order to gain muscle through better nutrition.

Find the types of healthy food that you like and enjoy. That way, you will find it easier to stick with your diet. Try out different combinations to hit upon the few that are both convenient to prepare, tasty to eat, and easy enough to sustain over time. There are dozens of guides, programs and coaches who can help you with advise and resources on what to eat to gain muscle.

A weight calculator can be helpful in computing the number of calories you require for your energy needs. Make sure you get enough of them and the right balance to cover all your body’s demands. Keep a stock of the right ingredients to prepare your meals. If you fail to plan, you won’t maintain your health eating habit. This is more important if you’re busy and short of time. Everything must happen on auto-pilot – and for that, you must plan in advance.

Here’s why it matters. If you don’t eat well, it won’t matter how hard you exercise or wish for bigger, stronger muscles. Understand that when you ask how to build muscle, the answer begins with what you eat.

3. Maintain A Record

A food journal can be helpful in planning your muscle gain program. Jot down your eating habits and the types of food you eat in a day. You can do this in a specialized nutrition diary or just in a regular notebook. What matters is that you keep meticulous records of whatever you eat. These logs will come in handy later on, when you evaluate your muscle gain and see if you’re on track to meet your goals.

You must be able to say, for sure, whether your muscle gain and weight loss are in line with whatever goals and targets you set for yourself. Review them every month to judge how well you’re doing and make suitable changes. When people ask how to build muscle, they’re often not aware of the need for such record keeping or the vital benefits of doing so. It is easy to course-correct and get back on track when you know you’re sliding off it. And the only way to tell is by looking at your records and log books.

By eating the right types of nutritous food, following a routine with discipline until it becomes a habit, and keeping detailed records which you review at intervals, you can practically guarantee that you will build muscle and lose fat. For more information about how to build muscle, check out these powerful body building courses at http://www.bodybuildingreviews.org