10 Inch Box Squat

About the 10 Inch Box Squat

Type: Compound
Level: Intermediate
Muscle Groups: Quads, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Adductors
Equipment: Barbells

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 10 Inch Box Squat Instructions

Prepare for the 10 inch box squat by arranging the barbells to be just beneath shoulder height.

Load it with the appropriate weight.

Place a flat bench with one end of it right under the barbell.

Stand below the bar and straddle the bench, holding your feet apart around shoulder-width. To get more effort out of your glutes with the 10 inch box squat, spread your legs as wide as you comfortably can. It also takes pressure off the knees.

Keep the bar across your back. Take care that the bar DOES NOT rest on the back of your neck!

If the bar feels uncomfortable, you can add some extra padding to it.

Grip the bar firmly with your hands, keeping them wide enough that you achieve a stable hold on the barbell.

Bend your knees. Prepare to take the weight of the barbell by straightening your back.

Hold your back straight. Keep your eyes up. Push up on your legs. And lift the weights off the rack.

Take a small step back. Get stable.

Keeping your eyes glued forwards, gradually lower your body. Take care NOT to lean forward as you go down!

Squat till you feel the bench touch your buttocks. Hold the position for a second, and gradually raise yourself back up by pushing on your heels.

Do NOT rest on the bench. As soon as you feel the bench touch your bum, stop the downward movement and reverse.

Do NOT lock your knees when you stand up.

HOW TO: 10 Inch Box Squat

10 inch box squat

 Precautions and Tips for Box Squat:

Form is important. Get it right before you lift weights. A correct squat will cause NO PAIN in your lower back. If it hurts, you’re not doing it right – or have a weak core.

Frequent mistakes with the 10 Inch Box Squat

These include:

1. Using the balls of your feet to push. This unnecessarily stresses tendons and joints. Push up only through your heels. Curl your toes if needed.

2. Knees going forward. While squatting, drop your hips straight down without moving them forward. Practice with a light weight in front of a mirror to get the form correct before lifting full loads.

3. Rounding your back. A straight back is extremely important for the 10 inch box squat. It helps when you look straight forward, keeping your shoulders back and chest out. Your core muscles should always be tense throughout the exercise so that it will hold your back in place.

4. Forward leaning stance. If you raise yourself too quickly, your hips move quicker than the shoulders. Each rep should be deliberate and slow. You should always be in control. Push out your buttocks while going down to prevent leaning forward.

5. Shallow squats. To enjoy the best results from squats, you should go down at least until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

6. Rotating your knees. You shouldn’t point your knees either inwards or outwards in the 10 inch box squat. If you do, the stress on your knee joint increases, which might lead to injury.

7. Looking down. When your eyes turn downwards, you can’t help rounding your back – and this risks injury.

10 Inch Box Squat

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