Barbell Shrug

About the Barbell Shrug

Type: Isolation
Level: Beginner
Muscle Groups: Traps, Shoulders, Upper Back
Equipment: Barbell

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Barbell Shrug

Barbell Shrug Instructions

1. Stand with the barbell positioned just below your waist height and in front of your body.

2. With your shoulders positioned in front of you, inhale and grip the barbell with both hands with a overhand grip.

3. Stand up straight with spine in neutral.

4. Contract traps to raise your shoulders and squeeze them tight at the top of the move and slowly lower barbell to starting position

5. Repeat as required.

HOW TO: Barbell Shrug

Barbell Shrug

Precautions and Tips for Barbell Shrug

It helps to look up while doing Barbell shrug as this slightly enhances trap contraction and also helps in skull movement.

It is important to do this in a very slow, controlled and smooth motion. Any jerky or sharp movement can cause neck injury.

At the top of the shrug pause to enhance the effectiveness of this exercise.

Higher repetition works well for traps.

Prevent excessive jerks or bouncing of weights.

To protect neck do not jut the head forward when you squeeze traps. This causes unnecessary stress on neck and results in injury.


Barbell Shrug

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