Barbell Upright Row

About the Barbell Upright Row

Type: Compound
Level: Beginner
Muscle Groups: Traps, Biceps, Shoulders
Equipment: Barbells

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Barbell Upright Row Instructions

1. Load the barbell with your desired weight.

2. Stand facing the bar with your feet apart at approximately shoulders-width.

3. Use an overhand grip (with your palms facing down) to grab the barbell, keeping them shoulder-wide.

4. Pick up the bar while bending your knees and with back straight.

5. Hold your back straight. Face directly forwards. Lift up the bar straight upwards, holding it as near your body as you can.

6. Bring the bar up to around chest height. It should nearly touch your chin.

7. Pause, then lower the bar gradually back to the starting position.

8. Repeat for as many reps as you like.

HOW TO: Barbell Upright Row

Barbell Upright Row


Precautions and Tips for Barbell Upright Row

Make sure your elbows are always higher than your forearms.

Your body should remain fixed with back straight. Avoid leaning forwards when you bring down the bar. If you move your body, you make the lift easier and won’t get the most benefit from the workout.

Hold the lift at the top of the movement and squeeze your traps. Then lower the bar slowly to increase the intensity of your exercise.


Barbell Upright Row

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