The 3 Best Abs Workouts

Which are the best abs workouts to lose fat? The question will get as many answers as there are fitness coaches and physical trainers out there.

With a large and growing crowd of young and old people alike looking for a toned, flat belly, it’s no surprise that interest in the best abs workouts has peaked. Many think crunches are the only way to get great abs fast. It may come as a surprise, then, that crunches are not even the best way to workout your abs!

Crunches act on muscles on the front and sides, but not the other core muscle groups. To achieve six pack abs, you must work on your lower back, hips and upper thighs as well. And not just that, you also must burn off the layer of fat that might cover up those firm abs beneath. So you must practice a combination of healthy eating and effective exercising.

Which are the 3 best abs workouts?

Best Abs Workout

#1 Best Abs Workouts – Side Plank

You are forced to support your body on just two points – and this means your core muscles work harder. Lying on one side, place your elbow under your shoulders, with legs stacked. Your other hand can be on your hip or shoulder.

Now bracing your abs, lift your hips off the ground while balancing only on your forearms and feet. Your body should stay straight, forming a horizontal line. Hold this position for 30 to 45 seconds and then repeat it after a break on the opposite side.

#2 Best Abs Workouts – Walkout

Your entire body is involved in this abs workout, including your arms and legs. There is also an element of resistance training which strengthens your core muscles.

From the push up position, gradually walk your hands out laterally, an inch or two at a time, as far as you can go. Then bring them back at the same speed. Repeat this 10 to 12 times. To increase the difficulty of this workout, you can raise one leg at a time.

#3 Best Abs Workouts – Alligator Drag

Not only does this abs workout make your core muscles stronger, it also helps burn off extra calories and eliminates fat. You get a combination of cardio exercise, stability building and strength training which will speed up your six pack abs.

You’ll need some space for this exercise. Get hold of something that will slide smoothly without friction. Starting from the push up position, walk yourself using your hands, aiming to move at least 10 yards. Take a break for a minute or two and then walk back to the starting point. Repeat another set.

Some people will read this and wonder why this makes up the 3 best abs workouts I recommend. Others will be curious enough to try it out – and realize why, when they see the results.

Which group will you be in?

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