7 Best Supplements For Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is possible with a mix of weight lifting and eating right. Experts opine that to get maximum benefit from your efforts you should also include some supplements in your diet. There are thousands of these products on sale both online and offline. So it gets rather confusing when you can spend only limited amount of money on your supplements.

Which are the best supplements for gaining weight?

Here in order of priority are listed some of the best supplements that are most effective in gaining weight fast. People on a tight budget can pick from the first few but those who can splurge can choose more products.

Whey Protein Powder

A must-have supplement in your gaining weight food cupboard is Whey Protein Powder. It tops the list because it contains large amounts of branched chain amino acids which are crucial for protein synthesis and peptides that helps in increasing blood flow to the muscles. It digests really fast and reaches your muscle to start helping in building and repairing process.

Whey protein shakes are recommended immediately after a training session to shore up the depleted energy levels and kick-start muscle growth. Start with 20 gm about half-hour before your work-out, take another 40 gm soon after your workout session. Some people take it first thing in the morning, before a workout, after a workout and just before going to bed. Choose whey powder that contains hydrolysates or isolates for best results.

Casein Protein Powder

Number two on your list of best supplements should be Casein Protein Powder. It digests slowly and makes up as a good bed-time snack. It works slow and steady while you sleep. Casein doesn’t make you feel full and helps you put on muscle mass. It is as good as or in some cases even better than whey. Experts recommend that you should consume casein soon after a workout to boost synthesis of muscle proteins. Consuming a whey and casein protein shake soon after a training session works better than just plain whey. Add this to your pre-bedtime drink. You can add it your between-meals shakes too.

Creatine Powder

Creatine make its at number three on list of best supplements. It is made of arginine, methionine and glycine. These amino acids help in gaining weight dramatically and also help increase strength in individuals. When taken pre-workout it helps in supplying fast energy needed to perform the reps in the gym. Availability of this energy means you can do more reps with a given weight. More reps leads to bigger and stronger muscles. Creatine also helps retain more water in the muscle cells stretching them and helping them grow bigger in the longer term. Creatin also boosts insulin in blood with releases the growth factor needed to stimulate growth. Take 2-5 gm of creatine just before a workout to boost your energy levels and consume a similar quantity post workout.

Branched chain amino acids

To repair and rebuild muscle tissue you need branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. The most critical is the first one leucine. This amino acid alone is enough to stimulate muscle protein synthesis but it is recommended to take all three. The three work in tandem to help increase energy levels during workouts, increasing muscle growth, blunting the effects of cortisol and reduces any delayed muscle soreness. About 5 gm to 10 gm of this powder with breakfast, with your pre-workout drink and with your post workout drink is all that is needed.

Beta Alanine

The amino acid beta alanine combines with amino histidine to form carnosine. Carnosine increases the strength and endurance in muscle fibers. The ability of the muscle fiber to contract is also considerably increased by Beta Alanine. They contract better and do not get tired soon. Studies show that athletes experience better power when they consume beta alanine. They also lost more body fat while gaining body weight in muscle.

Nitric Oxide Boosters

The molecule nitric oxide is found in multiple locations performing different functions in the body. It is responsible in dilating blood vessels which allows more blood flow to muscles. This enhances oxygen supply to muscles along with nutrients, useful hormones and water. This enhances your ability to work harder and longer. It also improves your recovery from the workout. The Nitric oxide boosters consist of arginine an amino acid which readily converts to the nitric oxide in the blood. People who took these supplements experienced better muscle strength and lost excess body fat.


An amino acid found in plenty in the body it has been a favorite among the bodybuilding community. It is at the core of muscle function. It provides several benefits increasing muscle growth, reducing muscle breakdown, improving immune system and so on. Glutamine consumed before workouts decreases muscle tiredness and also improves hormone levels.

The above are the best supplements needed to help in increasing body weight and improving muscle growth. Depending on your budget choose the supplements in the order of priority listed above.