Bodybuilding Diet for Beginners – What To Eat For Bulking Up Fast

Many who are new to working out want to know about the best bodybuilding diet for beginners. Next to “What to do in the gym?”, the most frequently asked question on newbie bodybuilding forums is “What to eat?” and “How much to eat?”

This is report about a bodybuilding diet for beginners who want to build muscle or get into shape. Taken in concert with effective bodybuilding workouts, this will give you great results in the shortest possible time.

A word of caution. Many bodybuilders worry about whether to take bodybuilding food supplements or which ones to pick. As a beginner, don’t worry about this. It’s more important that you develop a consistent workout plan and follow a bodybuilding diet for beginners first. Once you’ve gained some muscle and experience, you can decide about supplements.


Your Bodybuilding Diet For Beginners


Bodybuilding Diet for Beginners

The dieting part is easy. If you’ve been worrying about having to restrict yourself to a strict diet plan and will be forced to give up everything that’s tasty or delicious, stop worrying right now. You must just plan to eat 4 meals a day. That’s it. Four meals.

What’s more, you won’t have to stuff yourself to the point you feel bloated or uncomfortable. The best bodybuilding diet for beginners is one where you feel satisfied when you’ve finished eating and don’t suffer hunger pangs in between meals.

An important facet of any bodybuilding diet for beginners is that you should eat a lot of protein. Let me correct that. You’ll be eating a massive quantity of proteins. Why? Because protein is essential to build muscle.

So the most critical first step is to choose the kind of foods to eat. As a general rule, don’t pick processed foods. Stay away from them. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like natural foods (e.g. salsa, peanut butter and corn chips).

Fruits and vegetables are all ideal components of a good bodybuilding diet for beginners. Just take care to eat them in moderation, and avoid fruit juices – especially when they contain added sugar or come in a carton or bottle!

Get into the habit of reading food labels carefully. Choose the components of your bodybuilding diet for beginners by studying the nutrition facts and seeing if they match your overall eating goals. You have to ensure that your diet gives you enough of carbs, proteins and fats.

Bodybuilding Diets for beginners



Good sources of carbs in a bodybuilding diet for beginners are vegetables and fruits, rice and pasta, bread and oatmeal, grits, tortilla chips and nonwhite bread.


For proteins in your diet, pick milk, baked chicken, turkey, fish, lean steak and egg whites as good sources of animal fat. Of course, protein supplements can help make up any deficit in your daily requirement.


Your bodybuilding diet for beginners should include olive or peanut oil, nuts and avocados, cottage cheese and salad dressings. If you have any special dietary needs, be sure to adjust these items accordingly.

Variety is essential in any bodybuilding diet for beginners because otherwise it gets too boring and you’re likely to give up. Incorporate various types of foods in each meal. Go easy on fats because of their higher caloric value per gram. Protein intake should be adequate, but moderated. You don’t have to consume prodigious quantities of protein to gain muscle.

Bodybuilding Protein Diet - water

Hydration is an important component of bodybuilding diet for beginners, with your daily requirement touching 1 gallon.

Avoid fried foods and items rich in saturated fats or refined sugar. But if this seems too restrictive, allow yourself a ‘cheat day’ once every 3 to 4 days when you can indulge (moderately!) in the foods that are regularly proscribed.

Any bodybuilding diet for beginners has its pros and cons. Make sure yours is tailored to your unique taste, preferences and needs. Combine it with an effective bodybuilding workout and enjoy the results of a good physique and powerful muscles.

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