Your Bodybuilding Diet – An Eating Guide For Bodybuilders

Most folks assume that the secret to huge muscles is pumping iron several hours a day. They completely ignore the other important component of the bodybuilding diet. What if someone informed you that you can in fact gain big muscles by spending less time in the gym and paying more attention to your diet. Most likely you will laugh at such an idea. But it is a fact. You can retain more muscle mass by training less and eating the right kind of food.

Did you know that not paying attention to your bodybuilding diet and instead focusing all your energy on training is a big wasted effort. You will end up frustrated and may even give up on your muscle building dreams. Most people think that nutrition and diet are way too complicated subjects which are best avoided.

It’s time to change this ostrich behavior of sticking your head in the mud and hoping the problem will go away. Instead train smarter. Train just enough to get your muscles stimulated and then feed them the nutrients needed to grow. Trying to grow muscles without feeding them proper food is like sticking plants in sawdust and hoping you will get a good harvest. No nutrition, no harvest. Same for your muscles. No bodybuilder diet, no muscles.

This truth is universal not just for those looking to grow muscles but also, for those looking to increase their fitness and strength levels. So here is a list of top foods that you should include in your bodybuilding diet to gain muscle mass and to become stronger.


Another source of high quality protein are eggs. They contain most essential amino acids, right kind of fat, vitamin D, choline and much more. They are also the cheapest of all protein sources. They are a complete food and the best for those on a bodybuilding diet plan.


Chicken is an excellent source of high quality protein and tasty too. It is versatile like eggs and can be prepared in different ways. Buy the skinless variety to avoid the fat stored under the skin. Chicken helps in repairing muscle, building muscle, increasing strength, in strengthening bones and in weight management. Order chicken breasts which are cut into single serving sizes and store in your refrigerator. Cook and season it in a variety of ways to enjoy a great protein-packed meal.

Lean beef

Lean beef should play a major part in the bodybuilder diet plan if you are serious about gaining muscle mass. It is full of essential ingredients needed to grow muscles. A 3-ounce serving of lean beef contains iron, vitamins and zinc and is just 150 calories. This high quality protein contains large amounts of amino acids which together with insulin promotes muscle growth. Not all proteins are the same. The high levels of amino acids in lean beef in combination with insulin help development of muscles growth. At 150 calories lean beef provides the same amount of protein as one and half cups of beans but at half the calorie count. This is great news for weight watchers.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is almost pure casein protein. It is slow digesting and is just right for muscle maintenance. If your job or schedule doesn’t allow regular intake of meals including cottage cheese can help. It is also full of other useful nutrients like vitamin B12 and calcium. Choose low-fat cottage cheese to avoid the unnecessary calories.

Whey Protein Supplements

If you are serious about bodybuilding then whey protein supplements are necessary. It is a fast way to add the required nutrients to your bodybuilding diet. It is a portable and easy source of proteins that can be consumed on the go. After a workout, before a workout or for those in between meals when you need to keep your body supplied with suitable drinks whey protein comes in really useful. Professional bodybuilders drink whey shakes right after they wake up, after workouts, mixed with their meals and just before going to bed. If you are just trying to build some muscle then drink it after your workout as it helps is muscle mass gain. But you should not make this your only source of protein. Include other richer sources of protein in your diet so you get a well-rounded mix of all nutrients.


Fish is a source of good protein and very little fat. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help in losing fat and ensuring the proper functioning of your body. Your metabolism also improves. So include tuna and other fish in your weekly diet plan.

Oats and wholegrain

Oats have low glycemic index and it is also minimally processed. It has all the micro-nutrients your body needs, you feel full after consuming oats, it has more fiber and decreases hunger. It aids in fat loss and overall decreases your need for more food. It is also a reasonable source of protein. Whole grains are able to keep you full for longer unlike refined grains. It helps promote your energy levels and overall health. Brown rice boosts growth of lean muscle, increases fat loss and improves your strength.

Fruits and Vegetables

You need a rich mix of different fruits and vegetables in your diet as they are a good source of antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene. They also are an important source of fiber needed to flush out toxins from your body. Include a range of such fresh produce in your daily intake.


Fats in moderate quantities are crucial for hormone production and muscle development. By including fish, nuts, vegetables, leafy veggies, flax seed, avocados and other seeds you will be getting a rich mix of all essential fatty acids that your body needs.