5 Essential Bodybuilding Food Supplements

Bodybuilding Food Supplements – 5 Essential Supplements To Help You Bulk Up

Bodybuilding food supplements are important to make up any protein deficit in your diet and help you gain muscle and lose fat faster and easier. It’s difficult to achieve bodybuilding success without taking advantage of every edge – and food supplements are one of them.

You can train harder by picking a suitable program and working out regularly. While this stimulates your muscles adequately, what many bodybuilders don’t realize is just as important is the way your muscles recover after exercise.

Bodybuilding food supplements help fill any gaps in your nutritional plan. Some trainers believe it isn’t necessary to supplement artificially, and only if your diet is nutritionally deficient would you even require supplementation.

However, newer bodybuilding food supplements are pure, high quality and safe to the point where most bodybuilders make it a part of their regular program, instead of thinking of it as an optional extra.

While it won’t matter much if you miss the occasional training session, messing up your nutrition plan can wreak havoc with your muscle gaining plans. Unless your body has enough calories and protein to rebuild muscle mass following a tough workout, you may actually end up losing muscle due to exercise!

Bodybuilding food supplements which make their way onto most bodybuilders’ and trainers’ lists of recommendations including these 5 top picks.


1. Whey Protein

Bodybuilding Food Supplements - Whey Protein


Quality protein is the fundamental building block for all types of muscle gain. The best forms of dietary protein should be absorbed after a workout when your muscles are being rebuilt.

Whey protein is convenient and has a high biological value, making it one of the most popular bodybuilding food supplements around. Whey is easily moved into muscles to be used in muscle repair and growth.

How often should you take whey protein? Twice a day is a good regimen. Once, as soon as you wake up and even before breakfast. Second, following your training session.


2. Branch Chain Amino Acids

Another of the top rated bodybuilding food supplements is BCAA which improves muscle density and helps recovery after strenuous exercise. BCAA food supplements deliver leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are branched chain amino acids used by muscles to grow.

An important reason why BCAA helps build muscle mass is because these aminoacids are directly metabolized within muscle tissue. This is why many trainers list it at the top of their recommended bodybuilding food supplements.


3. L-Glutamine

When it comes to bodybuilding food supplements, an essential amino acid like L-glutamine can’t be overlooked since it makes up more than half of the content of typical muscle tissue. In fact, other organs which require L-glutamine for purposes such as boosting immunity will draw them from muscle tissue.

So ensuring an adequate intake of L-glutamine makes sure your muscle mass won’t get depleted on training. A heavy workout depletes L-glutamine stores by as much as 50% and supplementing it with 5 grams taken 3 to 4 times every day will help replenish it.


4. Creatine


Bodybuilding Food Supplements


One more of the bodybuilding food supplements to include on your list is creatine, which quickly became the favorite of athletes shortly after it was launched in the 90s.

Creatine helps add muscle mass and strength, building up lean muscle and multiplying the strength you gain from workouts. Creatine has 2 advantages – it improves muscle energy, and it hydrates muscles which makes them bulkier.

Bodybuilding food supplements rich in creatine are absorbed from the gut and transported to muscle where it goes into production of a compound called creatine phosphate. This delivers an energy rush to muscles during exercise.

Creatine is produced in your body in modest quantities which won’t help build muscle. So as bodybuilding food supplements, they are pretty much indispensable.


5. Omega-3 Fish Oil

Natural sources of omega-3 fish oil like cold water fish are often contaminated and the quality is uncertain. This makes bodybuilding food supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids desirable for muscle gain.

Fish oil supplements deliver the ideal ratio of omega-3s in the purest and most concentrated form. In addition to boosting muscle mass, omega-3 fish oil improves blood circulation so that other nutrients can be delivered to recovering muscle.

In addition, omega fish oil helps fat loss and improves cardiovascular health. Of all the 5 recommended bodybuilding food supplements, it’s the one which offers multiple systemic benefits along with muscle gain effects.

Bodybuilding food supplements are almost a necessity these days. Eating all the protein and nutrients you require in the form of food alone would make your meals massive, and that itself may be a big challenge.

Bodybuilding food supplements can make it easy to meet your nutritional requirements without too much inconvenience or cost.

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