Bodybuilding Programs

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There are bodybuilding programs for every kind of muscle gaining goal or fat loss plan. Some are intensive and complicated. Others are simple and straightforward.

Workout Routines
One thing all bodybuilding programs have in common is that they are designed for a specific purpose. While one might help you get a flatter tummy, another might build your forearms.

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The key is to select the right kind of bodybuilding programs for your needs. The broad categories of workout routines are:

Muscle Gain Bodybuilding Programs

These workout routines are designed to strengthen and bulk up your muscles.

You’ll follow different routines for specific parts of your body. Exercises are designed to train and strengthen the respective muscle groups.

Fat Burning Workouts

Want to burn off excess fat at the same time as you develop a toned and muscular physique? These bodybuilding programs will be of help.

They are generally a combination of resistance training and cardio exercises that are designed to kick start your metabolism. In turn, this burns off more calories.

Arm Bodybuilding Programs

Bodybuilding workouts that are structured to build your arm muscles can help bulk up quickly and effectively.

These programs are usually a combination of biceps and triceps workouts, together with exercises that stress your entire arm.

Ab Workouts

Six pack abs are every bodybuilder’s dream. To enjoy a flat stomach, you’ll practice core workouts and lower ab workouts as well as modify your diet to reduce saturated fats.

Body building programs that include ab workouts combine it all into a comprehensive plan you can follow step by step.

Chest Workouts

Effective chest workout routines build both upper and lower chest muscles. They give you a well fleshed out and ripped look. In combination with arm workouts, these can make your upper body look impressive.

Bodybuilding programs that help you achieve this in a systematic and sustained fashion are popular for this reason.

Back Exercise Programs

A muscular back is an essential for a good looking physique.

Bodybuilding programs that comprise upper and lower back workouts are structured to build back muscles. At the same time, they also stabilize your core muscles and balance chest muscle development.

Leg Workouts

Effective workout routines that target your leg muscles will help make your core stronger. Lower limb exercises not only make your calves and thighs stronger, they also help melt away excess fat.

A Range of Bodybuilding Programs

Apart from these broad general categories of bodybuilding programs and workout routines, there are exercises tailored for women and beginners.

Some routines require the use of special equipment that is only available in a gym. Others can be performed at home with no machines or apparatus being necessary.

For those in need of fast results, there are 3-week intensive workout routines. They are generally tougher and involve bodybuilding exercise regimens that may not be suitable for everyone.

Newer body building programs are being designed to do away with traditional weight machines and rely on smarter ways to build strength. A few programs make working out a kind of game or challenge. Participants stay motivated to exercise without dropping out midway through.

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