Deer Antlers – As Mens Health Supplements

Deer Antler Plus offers you more than just a way to supplement your life; it is a specially formulated compound that works to maximize the power of deer antlers with the drive of modern science.

Deer Antler Plus can help you gain in –

* Muscle strength and stamina
* Energy
* Increase recovery times
* Increase sex appeal
* Better blood sugar management
* Better weight control

The use of deer antlers as the base for medicine is something that is not a new discovery. It is only now that modern science has investigated the properties of deer antlers and been amazed by what it found it can do for the human body. Deer Antler Plus is the easiest way to bring the benefits of deer antlers to your life.

Who decided to use deer antlers as a cure?

Deer antler velvet has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to increase sexual desire and improve sexual performance. It has also been one of the most common ingredients used by athletes and body builders to promote faster healing and greater stamina.

Modern science has not only examined the efficacy of deer antler velvet and found that it does have great benefits for the human body, but it has also come to a greater understanding of why. This has allowed for a better process for harvesting and packaging the product so more people can use it to promote muscle health, sexual health and increase their overall well-being.

Deer antler for use as mens health supplements is harvested from deer raised on ranches. At the ideal time of the year, the antlers are removed and specially processed to make the natural components bio available to the human body. There is no harm caused to the deer in the harvesting of the velvet.

How effective is it really?

The potency enhancing and near magical powers attributed to deer antlers are not just an old wives’ tale. There has been study after study showing that deer antler supplements do impact the body in all the ways listed as the benefits of taking Deer Antler Plus. What deer antlers do is provide the body with an extra source of IGF-1.

IGF-1 is the substance that is also made by the liver in response to the triggered release of HGH. HGH is released in response to physical stress, so working out increases your levels. IGF-1 interacts with the HGH to allow your muscles and muscle tissue to draw on your store of fat and glucose to speed recovery, increase stamina and build stronger muscles fibers faster.

Deer antlers are the only known source of IGF-1 that is compatible with human produced IGF-1, and that the body can use in the same way as the type it has made itself. As someone once said, the muscular system may be vital – but it isn’t very smart, it can’t tell where the IGF-1 comes from – it will just use it the best that it can.


The scandal that almost was

More and more people are aware of deer antlers as mens health supplements thanks to the scandal that almost happened in 2013 in American Football. It came out that several players were using products like Deer Antler Plus to increase their recovery time and boost their strength and stamina. The league was unsure whether or not to ban deer antlers as a doping substance since they do boost IGF-1, the goal of many synthetic steroids, but it was determined that the process is so natural that it would not be justifiable to do so.

Will it help you?

Deer Antler Plus will help you become the man you want to be without putting your body at risk. It will work with you to provide a supplemental version of what you naturally produce to allow you to get bigger, get better, and get the results you want on the field and off fast.

How much do you need to take?

Deer Antler Plus is easy to take. One bottle contains a one month supply of capsules that should be taken twice daily. The special offer on their site gives you a discount on a two month supply purchase and there is even an option for a subscription based order so you will never be caught without the power of deer antlers on your side.

It is essential that you take Deer Antler Plus as mens health supplements on a consistent basis, and as directed, to experience the maximum benefits. Most users have felt an immediate change in their energy and stamina levels, but saw noticeable results in 30 days – and the results were noticed by others in 2 months. From there, people just keep getting fitter, stronger and more appealing to the rest of the world.

If you want to increase your sex appeal, approach it holistically by working from within and without. The ancient Chinese mastered the power of deer antlers, but it has taken modern science to put it together to create a version that is even more powerful and effective.


What else is in Deer Antler Plus?

Deer Antler Plus contains the best quality deer antlers but also contains a special formula that helps to promote muscle recovery, increase stamina and improve sexual health. It contains –

* Calcium Phosphate
* Calcium Carbonate
* Collagen
* Androgens
* Over 20 distinct amino acids
* Chondroitin
* Lysophosphatatidyl Choline
* Gangliosides
* Plus various growth factors

Many of these elements are also contained in the actual deer antlers, but the “Plus” of Deer Antler Plus means that even more is contained within each bottle. This is what sets this product apart from all the others claiming to hold the power of deer antlers – it takes science and balance to make the compound so that you can get the most benefit from it.

What are the side effects of deer antler supplements?

One thing that you do have to take into consideration is that the effect of Deer Antler Plus will be immediately noticeable to you within the first week of taking it. The increase in energy and stamina alone will feel great – but you want to make sure that you are immediately making changes to your lifestyle habits so you don’t burn out.

If you are used to leading a caffeine and energy drink fueled life to get by, you want to stop consuming these beverages as soon as you begin taking the Deer Antler Plus or you could wind up throwing your sleep schedule off. If you are in a relationship it is also advisable that you discuss the change in your sexual desire, and desirability, that will occur quickly do you do not run into complications there as well. Deer antlers are renown in the ancient world for their ability to increase sexual desire and sexual appeal.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take it?

Deer antlers have no known side effects that could interfere with any condition and deer antler benefits are wide ranging. You will want to talk to your doctor about whether an increase in the IGF-1 in your body and rise in HGH levels will interfere with any medications you may be taking to control your blood sugar or hypertension. Women who are pregnant or nursing their infants should not take Deer Antler Plus.

Can women take it too?

While women can take Deer Antler Plus, the dosage amount is set for men. It is advisable to begin with the same timing of doses, but half amounts until you known how your body is going to react to the increase of HGH hormone in your body. Be very careful as too much IGF-1 has been known to cause increased hair growth on the body in some women.

What is the best way to support taking Deer Antler Plus

The best way to support taking deer antlers is to make sure that you are adjusting your diet, sleep hygiene and physical workout to accommodate and support your increased muscle growth, speed of recovery and stamina. Keep a diary and track your food intake, workout and the amount you sleep each night so you stay on top of changes to your pattern of living so that you are still getting enough of all the things you need to take care of your body. Don’t take Deer Antler Plus as mens health supplements and then continue in old patterns of living. Expect an increase in abilities on all fronts and choose to change your habits to make sure you are getting proper nutrition and rest to keep yourself in good shape.

Making the decision to make your body right

Choosing to add the power of mens health supplements like deer antlers to your life by taking Deer Antler Plus may be the best choice you can make to put your body right. It can provide all the benefits of some high powered medications and synthetic growth and recovery products, but it is all natural and does not cause harm to your metabolism and organs. If you are looking to be the best that you can be, as strong as you can be, and as sexually attractive as you can be – choose to add Deer Antler Plus to the way you take care of your body and life.


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