Elbows Out Dumbbell Extension

About the Elbows Out Dumbbell Extension

Type: Compound
Level: Beginner
Muscle Groups: Triceps, Abs
Equipment: Dumbbell

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Elbows Out Dumbbell Extension Instructions

1. Choose your desired weight and stand in an open area.

2. Lift the single dumbbell to your shoulder, place your hands around it, and lift it overhead as you take a deep breath.

3. Keeping an overlapping hand grip, slowly bring down the dumbbell behind your head by unlocking your elbows.

4. When your forearms are parallel to the floor, lift back the dumbbells to the starting point by elbow extension and biceps flexion.

5. Repeat the elbows out dumbbell extension for the desired reps.

HOW TO: Elbows Out Dumbbell Extension

Elbows Out Dumbbell Extensions


Precautions and Tips for Elbows Out Dumbbell Extension

You must take care to avoid over-extending the lumbar spine.

Use your abs and glutes to hold your ribcage down as you lift the dumbbells.

If you want to increase the intensity of the dumbbells extension exercise, use an eccentric movement while lowering the weights.

Hold your head in a neutral position and do NOT let your neck jut forward. Otherwise, you’ll place too much strain on the cervical spine leading to injury.

Elbows Out Dumbbell Extension

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