How To Gain Muscle Mass & Burn Fat Fast

Eating the right kind of food and in adequate quantity is essential to gain muscle mass and burn fat fast. Just stuffing yourself with food won’t help you put on muscle mass, though you’ll gain weight from adding undesirable fat.

Let’s talk about how to gain muscle mass and burn fat fast by eating some of the right foods to build muscle.

Egg and Chicken

Egg white for protein is ideal to gain muscle. With a 60:1 ratio of protein to fat, this can add the right ingredients to your daily calorie intake without adding an ounce of extra fat to your belly. Egg protein is also easy digested and assimilated into your body, adding bulk to your muscles when combined with an exercise program.

Lean meat from chicken is another excellent source of muscle building protein. Chicken breasts as a part of your daily intake is a good choice when you plan to build muscle rapidly. Chicken is easily available, low in fat content, and also has minerals and vitamins in sufficient quantity.

If you’re looking to gain muscle mass and burn fat, then you should make egg and chicken a stape of your bodybuilding diet.

Fish and Red Meat

Another good source for dietary protein is fish. However there is a drawback. Fish is rich in fat, and therefore must be consumed in moderation. But in contrast to the typically recommended muscle building foods which are not oily, fish is an exception which must be added to any serious body builder’s diet.

There are many different kinds of fish to choose from. To gain muscle mass and burn fat, the best option is fresh water fish like salmon, trout or tuna.

Lean red meat can also help beef up your body with muscles. Adding red meat can pack a punch with your dietary needs, also providing your body with essential minerals like iron and zinc which are very important for gaining muscle fast.

Carbs and Water

Proteins are the building blocks of muscle. But you cannot thrive on a diet of pure protein. The intake must be mixed with carbohydrates in sufficient quantity. Slow burning carbs such as oats or sweet potatoes are good choices to include in meals if you’re looking to gain muscle mass and burn fat.

Eating carbohydrates before a workout session can provide your body with necessary calories for the physical exertion.

Water is another essential when it comes to building muscle. Adequate hydration is critical to build muscle mass during exercise. Water transports nutrients in your diet to the various organs in the body which consume it for generating energy.

Adding a whey protein drink to the overall intake can provide both water and protein which helps you gain muscle mass and burn fat.

None of these items works in isolation. The balance between all important ingredients is crucial for a good muscle building program.

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