HFT Muscle Review

HFT Muscle Review Some people stay in the gym and spend hours lifting weights. They work hard but even after months of sweating and sacrificing, they see very little definition in their physique.

If there was only a way to overcome the body’s limitation! Well, if you were to search the online world right now, you’ll come to know a program called HFT (High Frequency Training) Muscle.

What is this and how can this help you?

The Problem

You might assume that what you need would be to increase the number of reps you make. If that were true, then runners would have had well-defined glutes and calves. Frequency isn’t the answer. You need to understand how you muscles work and to see the right set of exercises for it. If you work out right, you’re bound to see the improvement more quickly.

All about Chad Waterbury

So, who’s the man responsible for the HFT Muscle program? His name is Chad Waterbury. Who is he and why should you trust him?

First of all, Chad is a neurophysiologist and a fitness author. He is know for his unique training methods that have been widely accepted by everyone. Many of his clients are athletes, bodybuilders, figure models, and fitness enthusiasts.

Chad also worked as a director of strength and conditioning at the Rickson Gracie International Jiu Jitsu Center that’s found in West Los Angeles. After this stint, he moved on to become a personal trainer for professional fighters, celebrities, and non-athletes. He’s also a regular contributor for a variety of health magazines if he finds time between lectures and conferences.

As for his educational background, Chad has a master’s degree in physiology where his specialty is on the neurophysiology of human movement and performance. This is when he realized how he had to radically make changes in the way he trains his clients.

He realized that you need not stay in the gym for hours on end pumping iron until your body groaned. His programs are actually now shorter but faster. What came out are clients with superior strength, endurance, and muscular development. Chad can attest to the fact that his programs work because not only has it worked on him, but it’s also been proven effective on the people he works with.

The Actual Program

What does HFT Muscle program offer that you don’t get from the rest? Here’s why you need to make the much-needed investment:

The volume of work isn’t excessive. In fact, you only need to allot a short period of your time for the exercise.
The HFT Muscle program allows you to gain muscle and eventually increase the intensity of your program, but it also takes into consideration the time it takes for your body to adjust.

Simply put, you don’t add too much too soon. Rather, it gives your muscles time to adapt to the changes so that your physiological defense mechanism doesn’t attack your body’s immune system.It comes with a reasonable progression plan. This is important because you don’t want your development to plateau.

Variety in the movement and patterns. Chad’s HFT Muscle program allows your body to gain muscle with the help of varying routines and movements. This also makes your exercise more interesting. More importantly, this constantly surprises the muscles in your body so that these don’t become immune to the routine.

The Different Sections

The HFT Muscle program is divided into five sections:

Real-World Observations

Muscle Science

High Frequency Training

Targeted HFT

Full-Body HFT

Section 1 talks about how Chad was inspired to create this innovative program based on his observations. He has worked with a variety of clients and is therefore familiar with the different demands of people of varying ages and age range. This is also where he talks about strategies for increasing training volume to allow muscle growth and development. He delves further into the mistakes people make and the things you should avoid so that you don’t fall victim to these fallacies.

Section 2 looks into the science of muscle growth. Chad goes to show you that his methods are based on facts as well as observation.

Section 3 outlines the steps you need to take so that you can reach your goals at the soonest possible time. The HFT Muscle system basically works with a particular muscle group four or more times per week in order to increase mass. The workouts are short, but quick and frequent.

Sections 3, 4 and 5 delve into the two approaches to HFT implementation: targeted and full-body. So whether you want to work on a specific area or on your entire body, Chad has the program you need. The mini workouts are divided into two for a 28-day period. You’re also given another option: workouts are divided into four each week for a 12-week period.

HFT Muscle Review

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the HFT Muscle Training program isn’t just flexible, it’s also effective, which is why it has gained worldwide popularity.

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