How To Gain Maximum Muscle

How to Build Muscle Through Weight Training And Diet


How to gain maximum muscle is a question every budding bodybuilder asks. When you first set out on your personal journey to build spectacular biceps and quadriceps you will have this doubt too.

It takes a combination of immense effort through disciplined strength training and a protein-rich diet to gain decent sized muscles. To develop muscles like the body-builders you have to work out every other day steadily lifting heavier weights and doing this over and over and feed your body muscle-friendly food.

The importance of weight training in muscle building cannot be over-emphasized Start with small weights. Women can start with 3 kg or 4 kg. Men can go for heavier weights.

Skinny Guy Workout Plan - Muscle Gain Equipment

So, how to gain maximum muscle? To gain muscles, experts recommend that you lift the heaviest weight that you can comfortably work with. Work out a set of exercises targeting different muscle groups. Repeat the exercise till your muscles become tired.

Progressively increase the weights to higher amounts as your muscles get comfortable with the smaller weights and do the repetitions. For building maximum bulk experts recommend that you do lesser repetitions with heavier weights.

Do the repetitions till it feels like you cannot do one more rep. It is important to complete that last rep as it is at this point that the muscle fibres breakdown. When the scars heal the muscles get stronger. After every session of working out with heavier weights your muscles will get stronger as new scar tissue is formed.

It is absolutely necessary for you to rest after a strenuous day of weight training. Any “How to gain maximum muscle” manual will tell you that for the muscles to heal and grow stronger it needs a period of resting. So, schedule your weight training session for every alternate day.

If you wish to learn How to gain maximum muscles in the short period possible then train different sets of muscles on alternate days. If you target your hand muscles on day 1, 3 and 5, then train leg muscles on day 2,4 and 6.

Warm up is crucial before strength training. This prevents injuries to cold muscles. Do the sets with correct form and posture to target the right muscles. Always engage your ab muscles for maximum impact. Breathing and completing the motion in full is important to gain full benefit of the training.

Bodybuilding Protein Diet - protein rich foods

Diet is equally important. You can not starve and hope to build muscles.

Dieticians recommend high protein and carbohydrate diet to gain maximum muscle. Experts also suggest consuming a protein shake soon after your exercise session.

After you finish weight training the body is looking for essential building blocks to heal itself. If enough nutrition is not supplied on time, then body starts breaking the muscle down to feed it’s needs. This will be detrimental to your muscle building quest.

If you are serious about building maximum muscles it is recommended that you avoid cardio work-outs.

Aerobics and other forms of non-strength training exercises will burn away the calories needed to build muscles. Your body will not be able to bulk up as the calories are used up during other types of work-outs. These are some simple do and don’ts that every expert recommends if you what to know how to gain maximum muscle.

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