How To Gain Weight Fast – 10 Helpful Weight Gaining Tips

If you are skinny and lanky and wish to know how to gain weight fast, then you have come to the right place. Weight gain is as difficult as weight loss. People are skinny or fat for a reason. Those who have are skinny may have a tendency to habitually eat less than what they burn or have high metabolic rates or are always active.

A combination of the above factors may be the reason or all the reasons may be the cause for being too thin. The opposite is true for fat people.

People who want to add bulk to their frame are wrongly advised to eat foods rich in fats or sugary stuff. These foods only make you fat in an unhealthy way. You need to eat a diet that is both calorie-rich and full of nutrition. Eating protein rich diet helps in building muscles. Combining the weight-gain diet with strength training is one way to gain weight fast.

Here are 10 simple ways suggested to those wanting to know how to gain weight fast

1. Do not eat unhealthy snacks between meals. Instead concentrate on 3 big meals a day. Eat good starches like potatoes and sweet potatoes. Eating zero nutrient calorie-rich foods like chips causes the same health risks to thin person as it does to a fat person

2. Eat a diet rich in eggs, lean meats like chicken and turkey, fish, beans and legumes. Combine them with healthy portions of carbohydrates and other vegetables. Choose products that have more calories per serving size.

3. Don’t ruin your appetite just before or between the meal by drinking water or sugary drinks. Instead work-up an appetite by eating foods that make you more hungry.

4. Some calorie rich snacks that are also nutritious include peanut butter, pistachios, dry fruits, multi-grain breads, avocados, mangoes, bananas and more.

5. Dietary supplements like proteins shakes and whey drinks are popular foods recommended for those wishing to bulk up the healthy way.

6. Exercise lightly to improve your appetite and improve body tone. Strength training helps to build muscle and it also helps to make you hungry so you can eat more.

7. Calculate your weight and what weight you would need to be in the ideal range, then calculate your calorie intake based on how fast you want to gain weight. Set realistic goals. You can not gain weight in a week or two. It takes time and effort. So, be patient and build up healthy eating and exercise habits. So, you can maintain a healthy body instead of developing an unsightly paunch due to overeating.

8. Some people need to eat more than 3 times a day to gain weight. Particularly if you are doing strength training to build muscles you have to be focused on eating all the time to make up your quota of calories for the day.

9. Limit your cardio exercises as these exercises burn away excess calories severely cutting down on the calorie availability for muscle building.

10. Drink plenty of water as it is key to building new muscle mass and tissue. It also helps lubricate the different body parts and keeps it hydrated and active.

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