How To Get A Six Pack – Your Ultimate Workout Plan

How to get a six pack?  Well, the answer is NOT intuitive or simple.  You’ll have to follow an intelligent combination of healthy nutrition and calibrated workout routines, especially if you want a six pack in 4 to 6 weeks.

How To Get A Six Pack

What Can You Eat To Get A Six Pack Fast?

In the words of a famous fitness coach, “You can’t train beyond a bad diet”.  To strengthen your muscles, you’ll need to ramp up your metabolism and simultaneously tame your midriff.

Here are some tips on how to get a six pack fast:

1. Think about processed high-carb food as poison.  Avoid it religiously.

2. Eat protein-rich meals at 3 hour intervals.  Multiple small meals are better.

3. Include protein in every meal.  Eggs and chicken, fish and lean meat are good choices.

4. Take nuts, olives and avocado in between full meals.

5. Load up on carbs early in your day.  Oatmeal, fruit and starchy foods are good.

6. Eat more vegetables and fruits later in the day.  Drink plenty of water.

7. Protein shakes after you finish workouts can help you get a six pack.

How To Get A Six Pack Food

What Exercises Are Good To Get A Six Pack?

While looking at how to get a six pack, make sure that you follow the right exercise workout.  There are several programs that promise you a well sculpted figure, but most are beyond the capacity of many bodybuilders.

Here is a program designed to help you get a six pack in 4 weeks.  All you need is to follow 3 sets of these exercises 4 times every week.  Each workout will last under an hour.

1. Bench squats.  They involve many joints and strenghtens your midsection.  Holding bar weights above your head, sit down onto a bench and hold the bar as far back as you can.  Stand up slowly, and then repeat this 20 to 30 times.  Carry out 3 or 4 sets.

2. Knee to Elbow planks.  By including hip rotation with midsection exercises, this makes your obliques and hip flexors stronger.  Get into the position for push ups.  Rotate your right knee, trying to touch your opposite elbow.  Hold your hips down and keep your foot off the floor.  Do it with the other leg.  Repeat the cycle 10 to 15 times for 3 sets.

3. Knee to Same Elbow flexion.  From the push up position, lift up your right knee to the same elbow.  Hold your hips and foot off the floor.  Repeat the exercise with your opposite leg.  Do 3 or 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps each.

4. Push ups.  These are still very effective exercises when you are looking for ways on how to get a six pack.  You’ll gain stronger pecs, deltoids and triceps.  Do as many push ups as you can.  Aim for 3 to 4 sets of 15 reps.  As you grow stronger, increase this number.

5. Hamstring curls.  By exercising your hamstrings and gluteal muscles, you’ll see how to get a six pack quickly.  Hold a Swiss ball under your heels.  Raise your hips off the floor.  Now curl your heels towards your buttocks.  Return to baseline.  Repeat this 10 to 15 times, for 3 or 4 sets.

6. Overhead press.  Using weights (dumbbells are ideal) on each shoulder, lunge with your back knee close to floor, then lunge forward, pressing the weights towards your head.  Increase the number of reps from 10-15 after the 4th week.

How To Get A Six Pack Fast

Mistakes When You Obsess Over How To Get A Six Pack

Don’t overdo things.

More isn’t always better.  Muscle becomes stronger and grows bigger during periods of rest in between exercise.  If you do hundreds of exercises daily, you’ll only wear them out.  Better to use heavier weights during crunches to build more resistance.

Don’t forget to burn off fat.

Your best muscle building efforts will be hidden from view under a layer of fat – unless you take steps to burn it off simultaneously.  That’s why fat burning exercises are an important part of how to get a six pack.  Watch your diet.  Exercise bigger muscle groups.  Do squats and deadlifts.

Don’t be too selective.

All-rounders get a six pack more easily than specialists.  Workouts specific to a single muscle group will make that stronger, but will not give you the desired end result.  Abs training that involves the entire muscle sheet is more effective in building flat abs.

All muscles grow in response to progressively higher resistance. You must force them to become stronger, tougher, harder.  And the best way to do it is through graduated exercise that stresses them at higher levels.  For more powerful leg muscles, you must do specific exercises that strengthen your calf and thigh muscles by applying a higher load on them.  For six pack abs, you repeat the principle for the abdomen.

You could try crunches with dumbbells on your chest, or do cable crunches at gradually higher levels of stress.  Even lifting at a different angle can make specific belly muscles harder and flatter.  That’s why it is so important to have a holistic approach whenever you’re searching for ways on how to get a six pack.

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