HyperGH 14x – A Natural Edge For More Muscle!

Finally there is a natural way to get the mass and definition you want to live the life you deserve with HyperGH 14x.

Before HyperGH 14x was developed, your only choice for seeing real results with top muscle building supplements involved using synthetic steroids and HGH. But the risks and side effects from those didn’t even make it worth your time.

For lean, hard muscle, less body fat, an extra boost in the gym and a natural way to supercharge your workouts, HyperGH 14x is going rock the world of body building. It not only promises to use your body’s own HGH, secreted naturally in sync with your circadian rhythm, to maximize energy, recovery and growth of lean, hard muscle; they have the scientific evidence to prove it really works.

What does HyperGH 14x promise?

HyperGH 14x promises to give you a way to supercharge your performance in and out of the gym. While being able to power your way through a work out with full energy is going to give you the muscle that other guys will envy, it will also turn you into the kind of Adonis that is going to catch the eyes of every woman you desire.

HyperGH 14x is designed to promote

* more lean muscle mass

*less body fat

*a natural energy boost

*better results from similar training efforts

*faster recovery time.

Why an oral spray and a capsule?

HyperGH 14x oral supplement and an oral spray with Alpha-GPC; both taken/administered twice, and two times each day (four capsules and four sprays daily). The formula includes 15 HGH precursors in maximum potency doses to ensure results. It may seem like an odd way to take the dosing, but there is a solid reason behind it.

The two different forms act to allow your body two different levels of support. The capsules provide for a slower and more consistent time release of the formula into your body so your muscles and brain can work better together all day. The spray allows for a maximum dosage to be quickly absorbed without overtaxing your liver.

To take the entire dose by capsule would require such high amounts in order to survive the filtration system by the liver that it might make you more sick than well. By splitting the dose with an oral spray, less of each compound is needed so you don’t get any side effects, just all the benefits of which each ingredient in the formula offers for your muscle health.

What’s in HyperGH 14x?

HyperGH 14x doesn’t make a secret of what the ingredients are, in fact – they are quite proud of the research and development that has gone into selecting the right combination and balance of amino acids and other compounds that all work together to provide you with the best combination of body, mind, immune system and sexual health support that you can find anywhere.

Here are the main ingredients and what they do –

* L-Arginine

L-Arginine is often treated as the magical candy of muscle growth. It is proven clinically to increase HGH levels no matter what your age. It also promotes fat burning, muscle repair, healthy immunity and stamina. It isn’t an amino acid that is produced in the body but is taken in through foods or supplements.

* L-Glutamine

This one is very familiar to most people as it is the key amino acid used to help deal with the physical reactions to stress. It does this by also supporting metabolic and muscle health, as well as cell health. One of the side effects of L-glutamine that has been documented is that it can increase energy and focus, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as boost the health of your immune system.

* L-Glycine

This is what you really need to convince the brain to start pumping out the growth hormone. It has a tranquilizing effect on the brain, and it is also recommended for good prostate health.

* L-Lysine

Lysine and arginine make for a winning combination in making your immune system stronger and promoting sexual health and function.

* L-Tyrosine

Tyrosine promotes the production of Thyroxin from the thyroid gland which is essential for regulating growth, metabolic process speeds and prevents fatigue as well.

* Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus is most often associated with natural treatments for sexual dysfunction and to increase libido. It works to increase DHEA in the body which then helps the hormonal system to function better. While this may seem an odd thing to include in a muscle growth and definition supplement, remember that DHEA and the whole process of sexual health also interplays with how well your muscles can work. It doesn’t hurt that the proven effect it has on your libido is going to let you put your good body to better use outside of the gym too.

* Astragalus Root Extract

Astragalus has been proven to provide excellent immune support and digestive health support. It enables the body’s natural detoxifying process to work better which means faster healing. It also supports healthier liver functioning which is necessary to helping the body create IGF-1 in response to HGH release.

* Deer Antler Velvet

Deer antler velvet was a secret until 2013 when it was revealed just how many professional football players used it to help speed the healing process of their muscles and to increase the levels of IGF-1 in their bodies. It supplements the IGF-1 that is produced by the liver that is a response to the HGH production that occurs during physical stress and allows your muscles to grow even faster, while also providing more energy.


GABA is where HGH begins and ends for many people. It is a neurotransmitter that enables production of HGH to go into high gear. The more you have in your system the more efficiently your nervous system can operate.

* Colostrum

This form of Colostrum is derived from Bovine Colostrum but contains the same properties as the human form that is found in breast milk right after birth. The properties help to boost immunity, increase healing times, build lean muscle and bone mass while also promoting IGF-1 and HGH levels naturally.

* L-Valine

One of the main branch chain amino acids found in the muscles L-Valine is derived from food or supplements. It is key to promoting muscle growth and speeding the recovery and repair process. The main way that it works is by providing an additional fuel resource for the muscles and increasing nitrogen in the tissues to keep a healthy balance within the body.

* Pituitary (Anterior) Powder

This is another cheat to help you stimulate your HGH levels during your workout. It helps to promote pituitary action in the body, as well as improving muscle tone.

* Phosphatidyl Choline

This isn’t your mother’s lecithin, it’s a purified for of it that helps to increase the efficiency of absorption of the rest of the ingredients in HyperGH 14x. You also get all the benefits your mom wants from her lecithin too – such as preventing gallstones, heart disease, depression, memory loss, atherosclerosis, liver problems and neurological disorders. New studies also show evidence it may help to protect against developing Alzheimer’s too.

* L-Ornithine

L-Ornithine has been proven to be twice as effective as Arginine in promoting higher HGH levels when you work out. Taking it by itself can help, but the balanced combination of L-Ornithine with the other compounds in HyperGH 14x make it work to your advantage.

* GTF Chromium

Chromium has long been known to be a requirement to efficiently transport glucose between the blood barrier to cells. It serves to amplify insulin activity which is used by the body to burn fat and increase muscle. It is also one of the foundation blocks for preventing fatigue and keeping your energy high.

Supporting HyperGH 14x with diet and exercise

To get the most out of HyperGH 14x you need to make sure that you are taking in enough nutrients to stay healthy and support muscle growth while also maintaining a deficit to keep weight even. The infamous plateau in muscle and strength gain is reached for the same reason that the plateau in weight loss arrives – the body adapts to the stress you are putting it under.

HyperGH 14x can help you change the rules to the game to prevent the plateau from happening.

HyperGH 14x will deliver the results you want fast

Working out isn’t enough and no matter how many shakes you drink and superfoods you eat you aren’t going to give your body what it needs to really boost your muscle and form to what it needs to be.

HyperGH 14x isn’t about becoming Mr. Universe, it’s about maximizing your body so it can be the best it can be. That pays off in changing how you feel, how you move and who you attract. Don’t let your efforts in the gym go to waste, get all you can out of them by giving your muscles the boost they need to become perfect with HyperGH 14x.


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