Lying Leg Lift

About the Lying Leg Lift

Type: Isolation
Level: Beginner
Muscle Groups: Abs
Equipment: None

VIDEO: How To Do
Lying Leg Lift


Lying Leg Lift Instructions

1. Lie down flat on the floor with your hand position under your back to support the lower back and your legs straight.

2. Lift your legs off the floor while keeping them straight and raise towards your forehead. While raising your legs contract your abdominal muscles and exhale.

3. Once your legs are above in the raised position and abdominals fully contracted, slowly start lowering them to the ground to the starting position.

4. Repeat as many times as required.

HOW TO: Lying Leg Lift

Lying Leg Lift

Precautions and Tips for Lying Leg Lift

Exhale like you would blow out candles. Pause to hold the contraction to improve exercise effectiveness.

Do other exercise in case this causes lower back problems.

Keep your hands straight beside your body. Avoid putting it behind your neck to prevent neck strain.


Lying Leg Lift

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