Muscle And Fitness Secrets For Women

For long women have been afraid to lift weights fearing they will turn into muscle monsters. Over the last few decades this myth has been busted and more women understand that muscle and fitness go hand in hand. Today women follow fitness programs that aim to shed body fat and help gain lean muscle.

Women want toned arms and firm glutes. Not just that they also want to be stronger and fitter. But building muscles is not that easy for women. They have to work harder and longer to gain the sculpted and toned physique. Having said that it isn’t all that difficult if you follow the tips outlined here and learn more about muscle and fitness secrets for women.

Less Cardio

Go easy on the cardio. Most women devote several hours a week doing cardio exercises while neglecting their strength training routines. Cardio is good only if you have body fat to lose. Those who don’t have much body fat should concentrate on lifting weights.

More Calories

Trying to build muscles on a starvation diet? Well good luck to you. Remember muscles need high quality proteins as part of every meal in order to develop and grow. Unless you feed them they will not grow. Even if you spend hours in the gym training with weights you will not make any progress. Sticking to just salads all day is not going to help at all. Include chicken, lean beef, egg whites, protein shakes and whey supplements for added nutrition.

Heavier Weights

Don’t shy away from lifting heavier weights. Every week increase the amount of weights you lift. There is no need to stick to low weights, high repetition routine. Lift heavier weights for shorter number of reps. You will see how strong you are when you lift bigger weights.

Keep Track

Keeping track of your muscle and fitness program using a journal is necessary to track your progress. Many people simply go through life doing the same things again and again and hoping things will change. You need to chart your progress, see where you are stuck and how to change things around. So keep a journal.

Focused Training

It is important to completely focus on your training. When lifting weights focus intensely on the muscles you are exercising, the body parts you are straining, whether your form is correct, if your abs and glutes are engaged and so on. When you focus you will do routines right and get better results.

Use Pictures

Take pictures of your body every week. Track your progress week after week and soon you will see a major change in your body shape and structure. Those arms will be more sculpted, the abs more defined and your glutes and thighs streamlined.

Change your mindset

It takes several years to change your body shape and physique, so don’t give up after putting in work for a few weeks or months. It is more difficult to get started. So, if you have started don’t give up. Keep at it and you will see results in a year or two.