10 Golden Rules Of A Muscle Building Diet

Choosing the right muscle building diet is not advanced Physics so don’t feel intimidated to learn more about the subject. It is simple and straightforward. All it needs is commitment and consistency from you. It is sad but many bodybuilders fail to pay attention to their muscle nutrition and pay for it when they see no improvement in their muscle size despite spending hours in the gym. Not eating enough impacts the rate of muscle growth. There are some golden rules to follow in order to gain the muscles you desire.

6 Quality Meals Per Day

Choose quality over quantity. It is important to keep your body fueled at regular intervals with quality food products from different food groups. This keeps your body supplied with energy through the day and prevents storing of it as fat. Move away from old ways of eating 3 huge meals a day. Feed your body just the right amount of mass gain diet. Don’t over indulge in junk food just because you are trying to build muscles.

Carbs and Proteins At Every Meal

Experts recommend that you consume about 30 gm of protein and high quality whole grain carbs as part of the muscle building diet plan. Brown rice, grains, potatoes, oats, wholemeal breads are all good sources of carb. Chicken, egg whites, fish and red meat are superb sources of protein. It is easy to include these products in your menu every day and at every meal. Plan in advance and ensure you get the right muscle nutrition to build those killer muscles.

Supplements In Muscle Building Diet

Include supplements in your diet to build muscle. There are dozens of such products that are easily available and which add nutrients to your body. Every serious bodybuilder should include whey protein supplements to their diet for muscle gain. If you have bigger goals and are training at higher levels consider creatine and glutamine supplements. Experts insist that you should consume these before breakfast, just before and just after training session. You may also consume it before going to bed.

Say No To Sugar

Sugary stuff should be avoided if you are serious about your muscles. Diet for building muscles should avoid sugars found in fizzy drinks and honey. You may crave them for their instant burst of energy but you will feel really low once the sugar high is gone. It causes fat to be stored in your body. The high sugar content in these products also cause havoc with insulin production. So keep away from sugar.

Avoid Junk Food

Junk foods are store house of fats and excess salt. Both these ingredients are not suitable for a healthy muscle building nutrition. Same goes for fizzy drinks and a host of other junk and snack foods. Avoid them for better muscle health. Include olive oil, peanut butter and fish for your fat requirements in moderate quantities.

Eat Before Your Training Session

A small meal consisting of quality proteins and complex carbs will keep you fueled for a strenuous workout session. Eat this about an hour before your training session. Complex carbs will provide with the energy needed for training hard and proteins helps with muscle rebuilding during workout. Consume your supplement shake soon after training to supply your body with required muscle building diet foods.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Water is key part of muscle gaining process. It keeps your body tissues well-hydrated and flushes out toxins. Consuming enough water throughout the days helps you to perform your workout without causing injury to your muscles. Keep a water bottle near you and sip on it through the day.

Avoid Snacking

Most snacks are not suitable for muscle growth. They only add junk calories to diet which are best avoided. Plan your meals well in advance to avoid the temptation to snack on fried, sugary or salty snacks. For those sudden hunger attacks keep nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables ready in the food cupboard. Best plan is to stick to 6 mini-meals a day plan which avoids these hunger attacks or sudden cravings.

The Post Workout Shake

The importance of post workout shake cannot be overstressed. It contains important nutrients to help your body rebuild muscle and helps breaks down during a workout. Carbs and proteins in good quantities are needed to get an insulin spike which releases the growth hormone. A nutrient rich supplement shake followed by a meal within an hour of the workout will show dramatic results building muscle fibers.

Consume More Calories Than You Burn

You should consume more calories than what you burn through the day if you want to gain muscle. If you are on a low-calorie diet you won’t gain any muscle. The important rule here is to never stay hungry. Keep your body supplied with regular meals spread through out the day. These carbs and proteins aid in repairing body tissues and help in their growth.