Muscle Building Diets – What Makes A Muscle Building Diet Great?

Bodybuilders looking to bulk up often go on an eating binge. They gobble up anything at hand, expecting to gain weight and build muscle. Such a shot-gun approach has a shot at working – but expect it to take a long time, and involve more effort than doing it right with a muscle building diet.

Your goal with bodybuilding is probably to burn fat and gain muscle. Doing it as quickly and easily as possible is every bodybuilder’s dream. By following a muscle building diet plan that focuses on getting the right kind of food and adequate calories into you, you’ll get rid of fat and build muscle right from the beginning.

Which Are The Best Muscle
Building Foods?

1. Egg Whites

Rich in protein and with an exceedingly high biological value, egg whites are among the most popular inclusions in every lean muscle building diet. The protein ingested in the form of egg whites is used efficiently to synthesize proteins. Vitamins and minerals are a nice bonus.

2. Chicken or Turkey

Lean meats find a place in every muscle building diet plan as well. The protein is of high quality and the content of saturated fat is very low.

Muscle Building Diet Plans

3. Fish

Though rich in fatty acids, fish is often considered a good muscle building food because of the quality of fats. Omega 3 fatty acids and essential fatty acids are important to catalyze steps in muscle development and protein synthesis in your body. Fish provide the necessary substrate to make this happen. The best types of fish are cold water catches like tuna, trout and salmon.

4. Lean Red Meat

Red meat is rich in protein as well as minerals including iron. The calorie value of red meat is high and ectomorphs who find it hard to put on weight should consider eating more red meat. The downside is the high saturated fat content. Your muscle building diet plan should include red meats once or twice a week.

5. Carbs With Low Glycemic Value

It is a fallacy that bodybuilding diets need mainly protein. Carbs are needed to fuel muscles and build up reserves of glycogen. That’s why pre-workout snacks like sweet potatoes and oats are helpful in building muscles. The key is to choose carbohydrates that are digested slowly. You’re not looking for a sugar rush, but for consistent energy sources that will keep your muscles chugging along.

6. Water

Drinking water is an often overlooked element of bodybuilding. We talk about muscle building exercises and muscle building foods. In isolation and without adequate water intake, they are worthless. You need between 3 and 8 liters of water daily, depending upon how intensely you work out.

7. Whey Protein

Whey protein is a very rich source of dietary protein that can help you bulk up very quickly. Using other sources alone, it is difficult to reach your daily target of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Whey protein is an excellent supplement, which is also safe and inexpensive.

Lean Muscle Building Diet

Superfoods That Should Go On Your Muscle Building Diet Plan


1. Fish Oil

If you can’t get fresh cold water fish in your area, you can make up by including fish oil supplements in your diet. A few capsules can give you the daily 9000 mg of EPA/DHA that’s required daily.

2. Berries

Antioxidants that can save you from cancer, heart disease and degenerative illnesses are the primary appeal of eating berries. But they can help with bodybuilding also. Cranberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are equally effective. Add them to your cereal or oatmeal to make a delicious meal.

3. Yoghurt

A muscle building diet is enhanced by yoghurt which contains bacteria beneficial to your intestinal health. Plain yoghurt that is low in fat content is an excellent snack between meals.

4. Flax Seeds

Rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, flax seeds taken with yoghurt before bed can balance your muscle building diet nicely.

Muscle Building Diets

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Use this unsaturated fat rich oil for salad seasoning. It enhances taste and protects you against cancer and heart disease.

6. Mixed Nuts

These are rich sources of protein, especially helpful for skinny guys who want to put on weight. They also have minerals and vitamins. Almonds, walnuts, cashew and hazelnut are popular choices.

7. Vegetables

Green veggies like broccoli and spinach, tomatoes, carrots and fruits like apples and oranges can enhance your lean muscle building diet and balance your caloric requirements with vitamins and minerals that are essential to building muscle.

8. Green Tea

Though water is the best drink for bodybuilders, green tea comes a close second as it is a natural diuretic that can wash out excess water from your body, while providing antioxidant derived advantages.

If your aim is to add muscle, eating empty calories is a huge mistake. Choosing the right types of muscle building foods is an important responsibility. Add the foods listed above into your muscle building diet and enjoy the dream body you’ve always wanted.

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