5 Secrets To Muscle Growth Using Any Program

Over 90 percent of the people who dream about building big muscles never ever achieve their dream simply because they lack certain key requirements. There are 5 secrets to achieving success with any muscle growth program you choose. Instead of obsessing over what program to adopt or which is the best system for you, choose a program that appeals to you and then apply these secrets to get the results you want.

Secret To Success In Building Muscle Is Consistency

If you consistently and without fail perform your routines as laid out in any proven system and stick to it you will see results. For some the results can be noticed sooner while others have to wait years. But those who never miss a session, who always pump the weights to the point of exhaustion will see their muscles developing. If you notice that you are missing more than a few workout sessions per month and several over the course of year then choose a program that suits your lifestyle. Ensure that you put in the required time at the gym no matter what your schedule or life demands. Those who are serious about building muscle mass don’t look for excuses not to workout. In fact they find ways to hit the gym.

You have to make a commitment to stick to your strength training program for years. It is not something that you can do for 4 months, 6 months, 12 months and then take time off and return 6 months later. You lose momentum and interest. Also, the gains made during the time you worked out are lost over time.

Find a program that you know is most suited to your needs and stick to it. Building muscle mass takes years of training and yet many folks want to see results in a few weeks or months and give up if they don’t see much progress.

Build Muscle Mass Through Patience

That’s right patience is another secret to effective muscle growth. Plan on training consistently for 3-4 years to gain the look you really want. That sculpted and toned physique is work of hours of training at the gym pumping weights, swallowing protein shakes, eating enough calories to fuel the muscle growth. It takes even more effort to simply maintain that look. Yes, don’t think even for a minute that you can work out for a few weeks, gain the muscles and sit out for the rest of your life enjoying the physique. No sir, it doesn’t work that way. You need to first put in years of effort to get those muscles. After 4 years you might finally be able to show off your body, if you stop at this point, a few years down the line you will simply lose your muscles, strength and all the hard work you put in. It is life-long commitment that you need to stick to. Choosing a program that you can stick to and enjoy doing is key to your long-term success.

Progressively Lift Heavier Weights

The next secret to greater bodybuilding success is to progressively increase weights. You need to keep adding weights and getting stronger. There is absolutely no way you are going to get big muscles if you don’t lift heavier weights. Strength is important to bodybuilding success so, don’t believe anyone who says that strength does not matter in this field. If you see natural body builders they are some of the strongest people you will ever meet. Build strength to build bigger muscles.

Eat More Than You Burn Off

Folks don’t pay attention to their nutrition needs when working out. They spend hours and hours lifting weight but baulk at the very idea of consuming enough calories to help those muscles to heal and develop. When you work out like crazy and exhaust your muscles it needs proteins, carbs and fats to rebuild and heal itself. Instead of providing it with quality proteins you give it salad and water. Naturally it refuses to bulk up. How can it? There are no building blocks to grow. Muscles can not grow on air and water. They need solid food laden with 30 gm of protein per meal, whole grains, fruits and veggies. You also need to eat more often for the muscles to get uniform energy. Aim for 6 meals a day. If you eat only healthy food the calories will help bulk up your body, you might gain a few grams of fat but on the whole it will be mostly muscles. So don’t worry about eating more.

Change According To Your Needs

Evolve and modify your training, diet and other routines based on feedback from your body and mind. Some things like more number of reps with lower weights work for some people, while for others heavier weights with lower reps is the key to gaining muscles. Some people respond well too certain types of food while others might not find any benefit in it. So modify and change your training to suit your body needs.