ProShapeRX: Good Diet Pills For Natural Weight Loss


Over 32% of all US citizens are classified as clinically obese, and the rest of the world is quickly catching up to those rates. While there are prescription medications and surgeries to help you gain control of your weight, good diet pills are rare and the risks and side effects from most of them are too great for that to be a first choice for many.

ProShapeRX offers you an all-natural solution that will help you lose weight and keep the weight off. There is no reason to suffer any more from the complications of being overweight, or to put yourself through the ringer with a round of synthetic drugs and their side effects. With ProShapeRX you have the power to naturally gain control of your weight while you change your lifestyle to create a happier, healthier you using good diet pills.

How ProShapeRX works when other “natural” diet pills don’t

It would be easy to write ProShapeRX off as yet another “all natural” diet product that just doesn’t deliver on its promises. Unfortunately, a lot of companies take advantage of the fact that it is on them to test and prove their products work. Very few are willing to invest in the kind of testing that would be required by the FDA for a medical product. This has led to a lot of natural herb based diet products that have natural ingredients, but they just don’t work because they were not assembled according to any scientific guidelines.

The makers of ProShapeRX wanted to create good diet pills and took a much different approach and it works – offering the consumer an all-natural, easy, step by step way to lose weight and keep it off. They invested their money into studies to help them perfect a combination of natural ingredients that play off each other in your body to promote healthy weight loss. They have the evidence that it works, they also have the testimonies of many satisfied customers to back up their claims.

How do you use ProShapeRX?

ProShapeRX are good diet pills that are easy to add to your daily diet plan. A one month supply comes in each bottle of 90 capsules. Take one capsule with each meal for a total of 3 capsules a day. You should drink a full glass of water with the capsules as well.

The best time to take the good diet pills is about 20 minutes before you eat. This allows for the capsule to be digested and to start acting on your system before you eat so you get the maximum advantage possible from each dose.


What isn’t in ProShapeRX?

It may seem strange to lead off with what isn’t in ProShapeRX but it is very important to know that Ma Huang (Ephedra) is not included in the ingredient list. While this is a very popular and effective ingredient in many weight loss supplements, new research has shown that it can be very dangerous. It is easy to build toxic levels of the herb that can damage your liver and kidneys as well as cause circulatory stress that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

This is why the makers of ProShapeRX chose to look deeper to find natural – and safe – ingredients to help you lose weight by creating truly good diet pills.

The Main Ingredients

ProShapeRX stands out among many of the weight loss supplements on the market as good diet pills to take because they don’t hide what is in their product behind the cryptic phrase “proprietary blend.” They know, and have the clinical studies to support their product, that all of these ingredients can work together to help you lose weight and keep it off too.

* Hoodia Gordonii

This African succulent has been in the news quite a bit as scientists have discovered it is a very effective, but safe, appetite suppressant. It is well tolerated by most people and the amount contained in each dose of ProShapeRX makes it easy to stick to your healthy diet plan.

* Phaseolus Vulgaris

Otherwise known as White Kidney Bean Powder, this ingredient works to block the absorption and conversion of starches to sugar. This then lowers the caloric amount of the foods you eat and can lower the amount of fat you absorb without you losing the fiber and other nutrients found in the food you consume.

* Beet root

The lowly beet is now known to be one of the most powerful superfoods around. Beta vulgaris helps to support liver function balances the PH levels in the body and is considered to increase oxygenation in the blood and circulatory system. All of this helps your body to deliver nutrients more efficiently and to remove toxins – including fat – more quickly from the body.


* White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark is where aspirin originates from in the natural environment. Not only does it combine with all these other ingredients to make them more efficient in burning fat and calories, but it can help to relieve muscle soreness as a result of an increased exercise program too.

* L-Methionine

This is one of the main catalysts that promote increased lipolysis within the body. Lipolysis is the process in which the liver acts to remove fat from the blood stream. This also helps to bring cholesterol levels of HDL and LDL into balance.

* Fenugreek

Fenugreek works on many different levels in the balance. It helps to control blood sugar, helps to balance cholesterol levels, supports digestive health, and it has also been shown to provide a precursor to certain hormones used to help burn fat and build muscle in the body as well.

* Camellia Sinensis

Green tea has long been used as a weight loss tonic in China. Recent studies have confirmed that there is evidence that green tea can promote energy, reduce fatigue, help to lower blood sugar levels and speed up calorie consumption and fat oxidation in the body. It is a well-tolerated energy source that doesn’t cause jitteriness like other natural energy herbs.

* Chitosan

Studies have found that Chitosan helps to prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the body, and speeds the removal of cholesterol and bile as well. It is made from shellfish and shrimp and provides a natural source of fiber that your body can use easily.


Will it work for you?

ProShapeRX will deliver the results you want to see if you follow the recommendations for how to take it, are consistent with taking these good diet pills, and combine it with a program of diet and exercise. The real key to losing weight is to make sure that you are taking in fewer calories than you are burning during exercise.

The big surprise is that you only really need a deficit of 350 calories a day to start seeing a steady weight loss occur that will be easy to maintain. ProShapeRX gives your body everything it needs in good diet pills to burn fat efficiently, keep fat from building up in your body and give you the energy to keep up with your workout on a regular basis.

Who shouldn’t take it?

If you are allergic to shellfish you should not take ProShapeRX as Chitosan is a main ingredient. Before you begin any diet program you should check with your doctor and pharmacist to make sure that it is OK for you to take a diet supplement. Those with diabetes or high blood pressure should only do so with their physician’s approval.

If you are taking any kind of daily medication you should have your pharmacist make sure that there aren’t any known interactions with the ingredients in ProShapeRX. Also, it is not recommended that any woman who is pregnant or breast feeding take herbal supplements of any kind.


Who should take it?

ProShapeRX are good diet pills designed to help you lose weight to achieve your goals, and to help you maintain a healthy body weight. If you aren’t in any of the categories of people who should take a diet aid due to medical reasons, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding – ProShapeRX can be what helps you get healthy and stay healthy.

It can work for those who are morbidly obese and just stepping back into life. It can work for those who are already in shape and at a healthy weight because it can help you to avoid the diet plateau and keep your weight right where you want it to be. Whatever your goals, and no matter where you are starting from, these are the diet pills that are the right choice to take.

Discover what ProShapeRX can do for you

Any adult, no matter how overweight you may be – or even if you are just looking for a more effective way to manage a healthy weight will benefit from using the good diet pills of ProShapeRX. You don’t have to worry about strange ingredients or unsafe ingredients either – ProShapeRX is designed to provide you with the best support in keeping to your diet.

You won’t suffer from any hunger pains and what you do eat will be used more effectively by your body. If you are serious about wanting to see real weight loss results, get serious about adding ProShapeRX good diet pills to your diet plan. It can help you get to where you want to be.