Reverse Hack Squat

About the Reverse Hack Squat

Type: Compound
Level: Intermediate
Muscle Groups: Hamstrings, Quads, Calves, Glutes
Equipment: Machine

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Reverse Hack Squat Instructions

1. Load the hack machine wit the weight you are going to lift in this session.

2. It is important to lay your chest flat against the pad and shoulders should be up against the shoulder pads. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart on the bottom platform.

3. Now push up to remove te weight off the stack, disengage the safety bars by placing your arms on the slide handles and slightly lifting the bar off the hook. This is your starting position.

4. Lower the weight down slowly until your calves and thighs are right angles, pause and push the weight back to the starting position while keeping your knees slightly bent at the top position.

5. Repeat as required.

HOW TO: Reverse Hack Squat

Reverse Hack Squat


Precautions and Tips for Reverse Hack Squat

Knees should not be locked at the top of the exercise to protect them.

When lowering the weight do it very slowly.

Knees should not go beyond your toes to prevent stress on knees.

The head should be held up through out the exercise.

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Reverse Hack Squat

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