Side Crunch / Oblique Crunch

About the Side Crunch / Oblique Crunch

Type: Isolation
Level: Beginner
Muscle Groups: Abs (Obliques)
Equipment: None

Video: How To Do Side Crunch / Oblique Crunch


Side Crunch / Oblique Crunch Instructions

1. Lie supine on the floor, relaxed. Bend your knees and hold them stacked on the side.

2. With the opposite-side hand behind your head for support, use the other hand to feel your abdominal muscles as you exercise.

3. Initiate the side crunch by squeezing your abs and raising your torso off the floor.

4. Gradually lower yourself back down to the floor, assuming the starting position.

5. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

6. Then move over to the opposite side and carry out the same exercise.

How To: Side Crunch / Oblique Crunch

Side Crunches / Oblique Crunches


Precautions and Tips for Side Crunch / Oblique Crunch

Before you begin a side crunch, exhale forcefully (like you would to blow out candles on a birthday cake!) – and hold the contracted state for a second. This helps build a mind-to-muscle connect for easier exercise.

If your lower back hurts while doing side crunch / oblique crunch exercises, follow an anti-extension movement and don’t rotate your back much.

Do NOT place your hands behind the head during a side crunch. This causes strain on your neck muscles and can lead to injury.


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Side Crunch / Oblique Crunch

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