Sit Up

About the Sit Up

Type: Isolation
Level: Beginner
Muscle Groups: Abs
Equipment: None

Video: How To Do Sit Up

Sit Up Instructions

1. Lie down flat on the floor, relaxed. Bend your knees up and hold your hands over the chest.

2. Breathe out and squeeze your abs, then curl your back off the floor.

3. Raise your torso until you are upright, with your back at right angles to the floor.

4. Then lower yourself back gradually to the starting point.

5. Repeat for as many times as desired.


How To: Sit Ups

Sit Ups


Precautions and Tips for Sit Up

Before you begin a sit up, exhale forcefully (like you would to blow out candles on a birthday cake!) – and hold the contracted state for a second. This helps build a mind-to-muscle connect for easier exercise.

If your lower back hurts while doing a sit up, adopt an anti-extension movement without rotating your back much.

Do NOT place your hands behind the head during a sit up. This causes strain on your neck muscles and can lead to injury.

Sit Up

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