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Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey

Whey Protein Powder
For Muscle Growth And Recovery


If you’re looking to build muscle, whey protein shakes can be your ideal bodybuilding supplement. Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey is the category leading brand in this space, having won awards and topped charts with rave reviews for many years.

That’s no surprise when you consider how it is packed with whey protein isolates, over 5 grams of branched chain aminoacids and is rich in glutamine.

Mixing Optimum Gold Standard Whey into an energy-rich protein shake is easy and quick.

In a nutshell:

  • * 5.15 lb tub of whey protein
  • * Chocolate flavored
  • * Rich in whey protein isolates
  • * Instantized for easy mixing
  • * 5 grams of BCAA per serving
  • * To maintain and increase muscle mass

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What Makes Whey Protein Appealing For Bodybuilding?

Muscles need protein in the form of its aminoacid building blocks to repair any damage and to add bulk. Whey protein is a popular choice for two reasons. It is quickly digested and absorbed after eating or drinking. And it is loaded with the right kinds of amino acids – BCAA (branched chain aminoacids) and Glutamine – necessary for your body.

Protein isolates are among the purest form of whey protein, and Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey has 24 grams of it per serving. There are few additives and the supplement is low in fat and cholesterol, making it safe for many users including those with lactose intolerance.


Why Is Gold Standard Whey Such Great Value?

It’s easy to compare brands in terms of value. Look at the price of your protein powder formulation and calculate the cost per serving by dividing this figure by the number of servings. You’ll find that Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey gives you stunning savings at a cost of barely 72 cents per serving – far lower than any comparable brand.

It differs from other popular brands of whey protein isolates in certain essential ways also.

* It has fewer non-protein calories, with a serving of Gold Standard 100% Whey providing 120 calories as against the 140-160 calories in other leading brands.

* Each serving only contains 1 gram of fat, a level matched only by Platinum Hydrowhey.

* Gold Standard Whey is faster to digest than cheaper brands like Performance Whey, though a bit slower than Platinum (which is far more expensive, though).

* Optimum Gold Whey has whey protein isolates, whey concentrate and hydrolyzed isolates, a rich combination that maximizes amino acid load per serving.

User reviews and testimonials tell the whole story. Here are just a few comments shared on the company’s website:

“We’ve tried several brands of whey protein powder. Gold Standard is the best tasting” – Joe G

“The flavor isn’t too sweet or chemical. It’s very good.” – E.K.Duede

“I believe this is one of the best supplements available in the market today. Here are the reasons why…” says Sumer, a biotechnologist whose in-depth review on Amazon.com was found useful by almost 3,000 customers.

How To Use Optimum Gold Standard Whey?

The advantage of an instantized whey protein isolate like Optimum Gold Standard is that you don’t need a blender or shaker. Just scoop out the best protein powder into a glass, add 6 to 8 ounces of water and stir for 20 seconds with a spoon. You can also use milk or another favorite beverage instead of water.

For a tastier drink, you can use a shaker or blender to mix in fresh or frozen fruits, coconut, peanut butter or flaxseed oil. Some bodybuilders like to add amino acid supplements or concentrated carbs to their protein shake for greater nutritional value.

Another interesting way to take your daily requirement of Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey is by adding it to yoghurt, oatmeal or with your breakfast cereal. Whey Gold can even be added to baking mixes, so your muffins and cookies can be enhanced with healthy protein.


What Is The Recommended Dose of Whey Protein?

As a rough guide, you will need to eat 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. A portion of this requirement will be met by your regular bodybuilding diet. The remaining amount can be taken in the form of Optimum Gold Whey.

Health specialists and nutritionists recommend spreading out your protein intake over many small meals over the course of the day rather than stuffing it into one or two big ones.


Are There Any Problems With Taking Whey Protein Supplements?

Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey
contains dairy derived from soybeans. It is intended for use as a dietary supplement, not for weight loss or any specific health condition.


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Which Is The Best Protein Powder – And Why?

Best Protein Powder

Many bodybuilders like you are in search of the best protein powder. Protein is essential for building muscle, repairing damaged muscle, and maintaining your physique. Dietary protein comes in the form of meats and animal protein, but the unavoidable accompaniment is their higher saturated fat and cholesterol content.

Among the most popular workout and bodybuilding supplements is protein powder. Protein powder is convenient and quick to consume. All you need for preparation is water and a shaker cup. You can keep a source of protein powder handy at all times, so you can quickly make yourself a shake before or after an exercise session. Aminoacids provided by protein shakes are the building blocks for muscle and will help you bulk up rapidly.

Which is the best protein powder? It depends on many factors.

1. When Will You Take Protein Powder?

If you want to take protein powder just after finishing your workout, a form that is quickly and easily digested will be your best choice. There are protein concentrates that are absorbed reasonably fast, protein isolates for quick absorption, and casein which takes a longer time to digest. Whey isolate protein is the best protein powder for post-workout supplements.

On the other hand, if you will be consuming protein concentrate throughout the day, a regular casein protein powder is a better option. The aminoacid release will be sustained over a longer period. You’ll also feel less hungry and won’t indulge too much on carbs or unhealthy fatty food.

2. How Will You Mix Your Protein Supplement?

Some bodybuilders mix protein powder with water, juice or milk. Others include it in meals. Depending on how you plan to take your protein, your choice of the best protein powder will vary. There are many different flavors, so select one that goes well with your plan.

Check out some of the supplement reviews to make sure that the form of protein you intend ordering will mix well with water (or milk). Some formulations dissolve better and more easily than others.

Taste may not be a major factor influencing your decision. But unless you get used to the flavor, you may find it harder to stick with your dietary requirement. Just like your workouts, the more fun things are, the more likely you are to do it daily – and eventually make it a healthy habit.

3. How Much Can You Spend On Bodybuilding Supplements?

Dietary supplements can be expensive, especially when you plan to take them regularly for a long period of time. Most bodybuilders do not have hundreds of dollars to spare on supplements. Quality protein powders are often affordable, but you’ll have to do some research before you buy one.

By ordering in larger quantities, you can benefit from discounted pricing. Plain whey protein powder supplements tend to be cheaper than isolates or casein. Better known brands are costlier. Additives further increase the price. Making do without these frills and extras can help keep your expenses manageable.

4. Why Are You Taking Protein Powder?

The best protein powder is one that takes you closer to your goals. Perhaps you want to build muscle. Or maybe your primary aim is to lose fat. For the latter, you’ll prefer a protein powder that has fewer calories and is 100% protein.

The average pure protein powder formulation provides 100 calories per serving scoop. You can meet your daily dietary requirements from this without adding extra calories to your total intake. But this matters less when you’re working out to build your body and bulk up your muscle mass. A few extra calories won’t matter there, because you’ll just burn them off by exercising harder!

5. When Will You Take The Protein Powder?

If you will start off your day with a protein shake, then make it one with some fat so that it will keep you sated for longer. For immediate pre- and post-workout use, a pure protein powder is better as it is more quickly digested and delivers aminoacids to muscle at the time it is most required.

6. What Other Nutritional Needs Do You Have?

If you’re on a weight gain plan or have other special needs, then your best protein powder might be one that includes other ingredients like vitamins, minerals or other additives. Strict vegetarians cannot take whey protein because it is of animal origin. Egg or soy protein powder is best for them.

Lactose intolerance also limits your use of whey protein. Men shy away from soy protein because of its uncertain impact on the male system. All these factors play a role when choosing your best protein powder.

Protein powder shakes are convenient, nutritional and better digested. They can be extremely beneficial for meeting your daily protein requirement. The challenge is in picking the best protein powder that matches your needs, will contribute to your muscle gain, and not strain your finances.

In general, prefer a brand that has been on the market for long enough and has good reviews by others who have used the supplement. Natural and pure powders are better than semi-synthetic alternatives. Read the nutritional label on the box to see if many preservatives or extra ingredients are included. Too many of them are unnecessary, even harmful.

Finally, don’t get misled by hype and marketing. Look at all advertising claims with a fair degree of skepticism. Understand that while an ingredient may be listed on the box or brochure, it may be present in tiny quantities that are not adequate or useful. Focus on getting good value for your money, even if this means going with products from a generic company that doesn’t sell with exaggerated claims or promise the world!

And in the final analysis, don’t forget that it is a workout routine or muscle building program that will help you bulk up – not just swallowing protein shakes or taking more supplements.