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7 Most Effective Bodybuilding Workouts

If you’re looking for the best bodybuilding workouts, then you’ll find these fantastic programs of great value.

To arrive at this hand-picked collection, we tested out dozens of bodybuilding programs, systems and workouts.

Some worked. Others didn’t. Most fell short of our modest expectations.

Except these 7 effective bodybuilding workouts.

These are the pick of the crop. The cream of the cream. The best of breed bodybuilding workouts.

Ones that anyone from beginner to expert can use. A hard gainer or slow muscle builder can follow. A busy person with barely an hour to workout or dedicated bodybuilder may pursue.

And all of them will find it helpful to gain muscle, achieve fat loss. Yes, you’ll enjoy a chiseled, sculpted body.

So let’s get into more detail about the 7 best bodybuilding workouts…


Unlock Your Hip Flexors by Mike Westerdal

Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD

Though you may like the idea of

  • developing your physique,
  • adding more muscle mass and
  • gaining weight to appear strong and tough,

most bodybuilding workouts have muscle gain as the immediate target.

And the best way to build lean muscle naturally is to embrace a program like Mike Westerdal’s ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors‘, or Jason Ferrugia’s ‘Muscle Gaining Secrets Revealed‘.

Mike’s UYHF workout teaches a simple way to safely build muscle and gain weight. It is based on the right nutrition and following a proven exercise regimen. The idea is that by including only effective exercises in your muscle building workouts, you will improve strength and muscle bulk without straining too much.

Then, by including carefully selected foods in your muscle building nutrition program, you will retain the muscle mass you’ve gained. It’s the exact process followed by world-class bodybuilders and athletes.

Before beginning the program, you may want to learn all about it. So check out this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review. Once you’re convinced that UYHF is the perfect, most effective bodybuilding workout for your needs, you can join the program here: click.


  • Bodybuilding workouts based on tested and proven methods
  • Mike Westerdal is an internationally reputed coach
  • All-natural weight gain and muscle building system
  • Quick results – you’ll see changes within 2 weeks
  • Avoids injuries and stress-related damage


  • Self-guided muscle gain program without much personal hand-holding or guidance

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Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne

Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne

To build muscles fast, you need specialized types of bodybuilding workouts.

Typical programs only help overweight or obese individuals lose weight. It’s not that they are ineffective. These programs work. But they aren’t focused on making you more athletic, stronger or toned.

If you’re in good shape, but looking to enhance your physique, then Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training is a brilliant workout to help you do this. In the 6-week program you will shed excess body fat, gain muscle mass, and grow more athletic and energetic.

That’s because Turbulence Training isn’t a weight loss program but a bodybuilding workout that relies upon the principle of ‘interval training‘ to gain muscle. It includes targeted exercises that train main muscle groups in the upper and lower body with every workout.

Maybe what you’ve read about bodybuilding workouts has sparked your interest. This program will boost it further. Read our Turbulence Training review here for more detail. And if you’re ready to try out Craig Ballantyne’s ‘Turbulence Training‘, go here now: click


  • Scientific basis for exercises
  • Stimulates all muscle fibers to encourage faster growth
  • Very effective at adding muscle mass
  • Promotes a sense of wellbeing that makes it easy to stick with
  • Encourages the exercise habit, which helps sustain muscle gain


  • Needs a reasonably good physique, not great for complete beginners

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Critical Bench by Mike Westerdal

Critical Bench review Muscle Building

Another of the highly bodybuilding workouts is ‘Critical Bench‘ by Mike Westerdal. This is a 3 month program which will whip you into better shape than you’ve ever been before.

Exercises are designed to improve muscle strength without adding flab or fat. Specifically, you will be able to bench press higher weights after going through this program. In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to bench 50 pounds or more by following this regimen.

As the bench press has conventionally been regarded as a ‘gold standard‘ for muscle strength, being able to increase your bench press strength carries tangible benefits as a bodybuilder. And Critical Bench will help you achieve this without any nutritional supplements or rigorous diets.

Mike Westerdal is a well known fitness coach and trainer who has worked with hundreds of athletes to enhance strength and bulk up muscle mass. In his Critical Bench bodybuilding workout you will learn ways of lifting weights that are designed to build up muscle quickly and effectively.

If you’re a fan of Mike’s other bodybuilding workouts like UYHF, you’ll love this one. Discover more about it in our Critical Bench review. Or maybe you’re already convinced this bodybuilding workout is perfect for you, and are ready to sign up… go here: click


  • Methodical approach designed by a qualified expert
  • Specific at building up bench press strength
  • No risk of stress-related injury or over-exercise
  • Includes training on hybrid power lifting
  • Popular among serious bodybuilders
  • Simple exercises can be done anywhere
  • Requires only minimal equipment


  • Not suitable for everybody, particularly if you suffer from old injury or poor health

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Hyperbolic Stretching by Alex Larsson

Hyperbolic Stretching review

Another of the popular bodybuilding workouts is Alex Larsson‘s ‘Hyperbolic Stretching‘. It is based on a set of exercises designed to help build muscle and shed excess fat.

Hyperbolic Stretching is a 12 week course during which you will transform the way you look and feel. It doesn’t matter if you’re out of shape or haven’t done much weight lifting or other exercises. Alex has planned this bodybuilding workout to be easy and simple for even beginners.

Alex Larsson is an expert at the benefits of training by muscle stretch and strength development. The result of his step by step training program is a well-muscled and toned physique that you’ll be proud to display on the beach or at the pool.

And because Alex is also an expert nutritionist, Hyperbolic Stretching combines the advantages of exercise with the healthy advantages of bodybuilding nutrition to help you achieve a dream figure.

You’ll learn more about the program itself in our Hyperbolic Stretching review here: click. Once you’re convinced that this is ideal for you, sign up to the course: click.


  • Crafted and planned by an expert trainer and nutritionist
  • Intelligently combines exercises with nutrition
  • Achieves a well-toned and elegantly muscled physique
  • Results are visible within 6 to 8 weeks of starting
  • All-natural with no harmful drugs or supplements
  • Develops flexibility along with muscle strength


For those starting from very low muscle mass, the course may extend a bit beyond 12 weeks

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Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore

Visual Impact Muscle Building

Looking for fast, effective bodybuilding workouts? Here’s one for you. Rusty Moore‘s ‘Visual Impact Muscle Building‘.

Where other fat loss/muscle gain programs need a long time before they start showing any results, Visual Impact Muscle Building achieves rapid change to craft a stunning physique.

Critics point a finger at this program for not actually working to

  • build up strength or
  • enhance health or
  • make followers more athletic

But those who support Visual Impact Muscle Building say they are happy with the lean, ripped look that comes from gaining muscles in the right places.

Who would say ‘No’ to a lean, appealing body – especially when these results can be delivered within a few weeks? And weight training isn’t ineffective at building strength. By increasing muscle size, this workout program definitely enhances muscle power as well, even though it isn’t the primary focus of this training.

To understand better the concepts behind this bodybuilding workout, you can read our Visual Impact Muscle Building review here. Or if you’d like to begin the program right away, go here now: click.


  • Delivers quicker results than most other bodybuilding workouts
  • Achieves a visually appealing build up of muscle
  • All-natural program, no supplements or drugs involved
  • Creates a sleek, ripped look that’s visually appealing
  • Builds muscle power and bulk simultaneously


  • Not very effective at boosting muscle strength and overall health

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Lean Body Hacks by Randy Smith

Lean Body Hacks

Developed as an urgent way to lose fat, this highly effective bodybuilding workout also builds muscle and grows strength while at the same time burning off harmful excess fat.

At the cornerstone of the life-changing impact delivered by ‘Lean Body Hacks‘ are two principles – eating right, and exercising right. Both in combination are responsible for the sensational results reported by users who often rave about the effect of this bodybuilding workout.

Just like other muscle gain programs, the ‘Lean Body Hacks‘ course calls for a set of high rep exercises that focus on two to three muscle groups every day. Over the course of 6 to 8 weeks, you will cycle between them so that you gain strength and muscle mass uniformly in all parts.

The exercise burns off extra pounds that settle around your tummy and thighs. And for someone with a certain level of weights training behind them, these bodybuilding workouts can build muscle mass at an encouragingly rapid pace.

Before signing up, go through this detailed ‘Lean Body Hacks’ review. Or if you’re ready to join, get the workout program today: click


  • Combines rapid fat loss with muscle gain
  • Natural method based on diet and exercise
  • No harmful supplements or diets
  • Delivers great results in record time
  • Builds muscle uniformly all over the body


  • Results depend on level of fitness and intensity of exercise

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Anabolic Running by Joe LaGalba

Anabolic Running review

Only few metabolic exercises can qualify as also being great bodybuilding workouts. Joe LaGalba‘s “Anabolic Running” is our pick for the best, most efficient way to burn fat and get ripped – fast.

Anabolic exercises burn off fat calories during exercise. They even continue to consume stored fat that keeps burning even after you’ve finished working out. This is what works to reduce weight and build muscle mass effectively.

The after-burner effect it creates leads to your body becoming an efficient furnace that converts diet calories into energy-packed muscle. This happens by a combination of exercise workouts that makes your muscles stronger, bigger and firmer.

A unique distinction of Anabolic Running over the other bodybuilding workouts in this list is that it can be combined with other workouts you may be doing currently. This combination helps you enjoy the fat burning advantages of Anabolic Running along with the muscle building and/or energy boosting impact of other workouts.

You can learn more about this program in our detailed Anabolic Running review here. Study it carefully to see whether this may be right for you. And if it is, then go ahead and join the program here: click


  • Most effective workout to lose weight by burning fat
  • Creates ongoing metabolic boost to sustain weight loss
  • Can be combined with other muscle building workouts
  • Is suited for all kinds of users
  • Natural with no supplements or diets involved


Only modestly effective at gaining muscle

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So there you have it.

7 highly effective bodybuilding workouts, all of which are extremely good to

  • build muscle,
  • burn off fat,
  • improve strength and
  • be healthier and more athletic.

Which are the BEST bodybuilding workouts?

That’s a tougher question to answer.

My personal favorite bodybuilding workout guide is Mike Westerdal’s ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors


Unlock Your Hip Flexors


Bodybuilding Workouts Reviewed

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There are 4 things that come together to create great bodybuilding workouts.


Different exercises are designed for a variety of purposes. Some help you gain muscle and grow strong. Others improve your resistance and resilience. And a few exercises burn up calories to help achieve fat loss.

On this website you’ll find in-depth details (along with photos and videos) of 100+ exercises that make up bodybuilding workouts.

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Many bodybuilders (and even some trainers) don’t realize that periods of rest and recovery in between exercises are just as important for muscle gain and fat loss.

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  • your body’s metabolism,
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  • the vital role of rest and recovery.

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Bodybuilding Programs


A third pillar to gain muscle is your bodybuilding diet and nutrition.

It doesn’t matter how hard you exercise, or for how long you keep going. Unless your diet has the right mix of nutrients – carbs, proteins and fats, minerals, vitamins and trace elements – you won’t gain weight or strength.

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Even with a well planned bodybuilding diet, many people need extra bodybuilding supplements in the form of protein powders, pre-workouts, fat burners and workout stacks.

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors - Mike Westerdal's Bodybuilding Program

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